Oh, RoboCop

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We are proud to say it has been a strong week here at Unwinnable – lots of RoboCop and lots of fun. But what would RoboCop Week be without showing some of the strange videos that can be found on the Internet featuring RoboCop?

If you know anything about Unwinnable’s Senior Editor Charles Francis Moran VI, it’s that he loves Korean fried chicken. He generally refers to it as a game changer. RoboCop also seems to have a taste for the tasty!

RoboCop to like noodles too.

RoboCop hates drugs.

Friend of Unwinnable Johnny “Jumpkick” Celentano made an awesome mash-up of Family Matters and RoboCop.

RoboCop: the Musical – “Murphy, It’s You.”

Remember when RoboCop cleaned up the streets in Manchester? Me neither.

1-900-RoboCop. The narrator almost sounds like Wesley Willis.

Data East RoboCop and Bad Dudes commercial. Are you bad enough to clean up Detroit?

And finally, the time that RoboCop saved Pee-wee Herman: