Overlooked In the Used Bin: Vanquish

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Whilst we reside in the lull that is the space between the holiday launch and spring, I thought I would give you, Dear Reader, a game that will help fill the void you feel in your gamer heart. Released in 2010 by the legendary Shinji Mikami, whom you may know from a little game by the name of Resident Evil, I give you Vanquish

In short, Vanquish is set in the future. The President is a girl, the Soviets know how to create huge transforming robots hell bent on destruction, some girl saw Minority Report does her best Tom Cruise impersonation, and you have a badass robo-tronic suit with which you can do sweet power slides in slow motion to kill as many robots as possible. Got your attention? No? Well it should cause the game is ridiculously addictive and amazing to look at. My summary may be a tad off but once you play it you will understand. Check out the video below to get a better taste.