The Lost Script – A PAX East Adventure

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A few nights ago, Team Unwinnable shot a short film.  Shortly after the fact, Ken Lucas met Geddy Lee.  Geddy Lee, in all his magnificent benevolence, bestowed one super power on Ken, a power of Ken’s choosing.  Ken chose Death Ray.

Unfortunately, Ken was holding the video camera when Mr. Lee gave Ken his Death Ray power. The film is survived by its writer and screenplay. Enjoy.


Matt Marrone and Hat

An Unwinnable Adventure at the Penny Arcade Expo.

Written by Ian Gonzales.  Inspired by the rantings of Charles Moran, Ken Lucas and Matt Marrone

Int. Omni Parkhouse Hotel, Matt’s Room-Morning

Matt lays in bed, looking distinctly hung over. The alarm clock is blasting The Foundations’ “Build Me Up, Buttercup.” Matt looks over at the alarm clock, he is not amused.

Montage: Matt getting ready.

1. Brushing teeth.

2. Putting on pants.

3. Putting on a blazer.

4. Grabbing messenger bag.

5. Putting on the Plants Vs. Zombies Cone hat.

6. Walking towards the convention center.

Ext. Boston Convention Center, PAX East – Morning

Matt approaches a PAX Enforcer.


Hey! I’m here for the penny arcade!

Matt pulls an old mayo jar full of pennies out of his messenger bag. He looks very excited. The smiling plant is visible on his hat.


(off jar)

You’re taking that kind of literally, aren’t you?

Matt, looks crushed and walks away disappointed. The angry zombie is visible on his hat.

Fade To Black



An Unwinnable Adventure at the Penny Arcade Expo

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