Coffee Break 3/7/2011

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  • Deadly Premonition Coffee BreakWe know that the work week is hard but fear not! The ever-industrious members of Team Unwinnable have been scouring the internet to find ways to make the week easier on you. Braving the wilds of the internet, they risk life and limb at the hands of porno pop-up ads and feral ad-ware to bring back gems worthy of your consideration.

    Every Monday we present to you the five best links that we come across in the hopes that they will entertain, edify, charm and distract you. Save one for each day of the week or check them out all at once – the choice is yours. Just know that Unwinnable has your back. Don’t worry, we’ll warn you if you boss is coming.

    So pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and let the internet entertain you.

    First up, fresh off of GDC 2011, is Eurogamer’s GDC After Dusk. Friend of Unwinnable John Teti grabbed the most interesting personalities from the show floor, stole them away to his suite and proceeded to have fantastically witty and informative conversations with them on camera. I sat in on the first 15 minutes of the Markus Persson and Chris Hecker session and found myself incredibly annoyed that I had to leave before it ended. The videos are an excellent distillation of GDC 2011, so if you have been wondering what all the fuss over the show is all about, here’s your answer.

    GDC After Dusk

    Next up is a video chronicling the construction of a portable game system that plays N64 games. Unwinnable loves modders.

    Getting back to GDC for a moment, another friend of Unwinnable, freelance librarian Brian Taylor has posted his photos of the Kill Screen Magazine party. If you look closely, you may see your fearless editor in chief surrounded by Scandinavians and chatting with the lovely folks behind Indie Game: The Movie.

    Which brings us to our next link, Indie Game: The Movie. I spoke to filmmakers James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot for some time at the party. They were lovely people, but more importantly, they are putting together something really special with their documentary. I would say more, but the website does a much better job than I will.

    Finally, we aren’t really sure what the story is behind this photo, but we love it.