6 Fun Games to Keep the Student Party Entertained

Don’t have any ideas on simple-to-follow but fun games at your next party? Then don’t miss out on our great picks on party games you won’t want to skip over. We’ve included some classic and some modern competitors that are equally as entertaining.

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Moving along, here are our top picks on party games to try out:

Spin The Bottle

Spin The Bottle is as simple as it sounds, players spin the bottles, and whoever it points to has to do whatever was set up for that particular round. Typically players gather in a circle around the bottle and spin it. There are many variations of the game, but the most popular are:

  • Whoever the bottle points to when it stops has to do the previously decided upon action.
  • Whoever the bottle points to has to do what the person spinning it wishes.

This is why this game is so easy to maintain and fun simultaneously. If you don’t want to go into too much trouble trying to think of a game to play at your party, then this could be the ideal starter game since it’s just so facile, and most people know how to play it.

In the meantime, party organizers or guests can figure out more games while keeping everyone else entertained with this particular game. Game actions can vary and depend on the players so that you can be creative. Just make sure you’re playing safely and not letting anyone harm themselves or others in the process.

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While we’re on it, let’s check out what other games you can have at your disposal to keep everyone amused.

Truth or Dare

Another all-time classic is truth or dare, and you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find a student who didn’t know how to play this one. If they don’t, then the game rules aren’t going to cost you a brain cell to explain.

It’s simple, you go around the room, clockwise or counterclockwise, and choose someone to pick the truth or dare. Truth entails they’d have to spill a secret or answer a question in front of everyone. Dare means they’d have to do an action, like jump on a table or perform a song.

Truth or Dare can either be fantastically simple and fun or boring, depending on who’s giving out the dares or asking the questions. Make sure you have some interesting dares to give out or some good questions to dig into people, or make sure you elect someone partial to the game to do that for the group. Particularly someone entertaining and good at giving out both questions and dares.

Treasure Hunt

If the party venue is huge and you have access to a backyard, a garden, or even some forest, then a treasure hunt should get people going. Rules and rewards are specific to each treasure hunt, and there are standardized rules to follow. You can make up your treasure hunt as you see fit.

Just remember, you’re trying to keep a party of college students entertained, so don’t make it extra complicated but challenging enough. Give them an incentive that even the laziest players won’t be able to resist. Your treasure hunt will be on the way.

It’s better to set a time limit and a place to meet at the end. This way, people won’t get lost and will know when and where to come back. You should also warn them of the boundaries of the game since you don’t want people wandering too far off. This will ensure everyone stays safe.

And evidently, treasure hunts are usually played either in pairs or in groups, so try to assign people to work together and not alone. This will also let them check up on each other.

Cards Against Humanity

This card game has become mega-popular over recent years, and we understand why. Although it’s a bit vulgar, it’s simple to follow, witty, and funny. Most college students would know this game, and if they haven’t played it, then they’ve probably heard of it.

The game is easy to play. One student gets to play judge for one round, and they’re impartial to the game. They pick the funniest card combos from the draw. All cards have cut-off sentences or phrases on them, which one has to pair with another card to form a sentence. The funniest card will always win.

Students will need to buy the deck of cards. But it will be a good investment into future fun since it’s a game they can take out and play at a lot of non-formal social events.


Hangman is simple but fun. One group of players chooses a word that the other group or other players have to guess. They win if they guess all the letters in the word correctly before a hanging man is drawn. Otherwise, they lose.

Most people know hangman, but just do a quick search if your memory is a bit hazy. Variations can be made to make it more fun, but it’s honestly a simple and fun game that can also be competitive. It will keep people lightly entertained.

Final Thoughts

Party games can get everyone riled up, build a sense of kinship among strangers, or just get bored guests entertained. A real party can also just rely on good music, conversation, and laughs. Either way, you can try out our suggestions to freshen up any occasion.

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