5 Best Play To Earn Games You Should Try

Play-to-earn games or web3 gaming use blockchain technology and reward players with cryptos or NFTs. NFT games main factors are decentralization, the use of NFTs as the in-game assets, and the blockchain foundation.

NFTs assets are collectibles that can be in form of cards, gaming characters, or props. The worth of these NFTs depends on how rare they are, the game specifics etc. The NFTs can be earned, bought, and sold.

This article highlights the best play-to-earn games that are worth trying. Before you sign up for any game, you should conduct thorough research to comprehend how it works.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox uses the concept of the metaverse and is suitable for imaginative players. In the game, gamers contribute to developing a virtual world. Players help in shaping and improving the characters in the virtual world.

The game uses two tokens, LAND and SAND token, with the native one being SAND. The LAND tokens enable players to buy real estate in the game. While the LAND token gives proof of ownership over land, the SAND token exists in a limited amount and is used in transacting the game’s items.


Splinterlands is among the best play-to-earn games with NFTs assets based on card games. The game was formerly known as Steem Monsters, meaning that the players defeat monsters and are rewarded. The game begins with a few numbers of cards and as you win, you earn more cards with time.

The primary tokens for Splinterlands are the Dark Energy Crystals (DEC). They are obtained by selling cards or winning fights. DEC is obtained based on the player’s and opponent’s levels. For any card sale, you are paid in DEC, and cards which rank higher are more valuable.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is another metaverse game. Players are offered a fantasy sports game and can access six platforms. To enter into the match, you will need to first buy an NFT. The native token for Battle Infinity is IBAT.

The Battle Arena allows players to acquire their avatar and can upgrade it by changing hairstyles or clothing. Through the battle games, players access NFT games and earn. They later sell their NFTs for other currencies.

Upland Tokens

Upland Tokens is a blockchain game that makes use of the real estate genre. The game is free to play but to get more properties, you will be required to get into your wallet. Upland map corresponds to an area in the real world. Players make profits by collecting and trading properties. The tokens used in the Upland game are known as UPX.

Spells of Genesis

Spell of Genesis is a puzzle game based on blockchain. It is a free to play game and compatible with multiple blockchains. The compatible blockchains include Bitcoin, Klaytn, and Ethereum. One buys the blockchain cards directly into the game, the cards can be bought using crypto tokens. The aim of the game is to hit your opponent as much as you can. You win by eliminating them before they shoot you.

In the Spells of Genesis, there are unique abilities known as spells that can heal or protect your cards. To get stronger cards, you should upgrade to their highest levels. The leveled-up cards can be changed into NFT and sold even outside the game. You can also withdraw them into your blockchain wallet.

Essentially, the play-to-earn games reward players with cryptos which can be converted into money and compensate you for your playing time. Just like traditional games, play-to-earn games will require you to finish some tasks for you to be eligible for some rewards.

Most of the play-to-earn games make use of NFTs. This allows players to have ownership of digital assets on the blockchain. The NFTs can be sold to other players. Some NFTs allow you to make games that you can resell. There also exists play-to-earn cryptocurrency games that make use of digital currencies, such as the Spells of Genesis mentioned above.

Image source – https://pixabay.com/photos/game-remote-gamer-video-2294201/


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