The Best Games For Horror Lovers

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Why do we love being frightened? What is it about scary movies or horror novels that draws us in? Is it the adrenaline rush we get from wondering when the monster is going to pounce? Or do we savor the chills that run down our spine as the hopeless protagonist explores the haunted house? Whatever the reason may be, we as a society seem to adore anything scary. It’s no wonder Halloween is one of the most popular western holidays.

But there is one genre of entertainment that lends itself to horror better than most. And that is, of course, video games! Because while movies and books can show us horrible situations, video games place us right in the middle of them. If you’re like me then you’re always looking for your next horror fix. Well don’t worry, I’ve got your back with this list of incredible horror games. But be warned, they are not for the faint of heart.

Amnesia the Dark Descent

In every gaming genre there is always a standout title that all others must compare themselves to. For RPGs it’s Dark Souls. For FPS it’s Call of Duty. For MMORPGs it’s World of Warcraft. And for horror games they have to stack up against the scariest game ever made. Amnesia the Dark Descent!

Released for Windows back in 2010, Amnesia is a horror puzzle survival game where your character awakens with no memory of who they are or why they are in this eerie castle. From the very start the game creates a tense atmosphere by limiting your light. But the longer you spend in the dark, the more your sanity slips away from you.

Amnesia is everything a horror game should be. Difficult, tense, atmospheric. It demands a lot of the player both mentally and physically as it asks you to overcome your own fear and paranoia as you descend into the dark.

Minecraft VR

Yes you read that right. We just put Minecraft on a list of horror games. But we have good reason to. Not all horror comes from the classic tropes such as monsters and dark castles. Sometimes true horror comes from our more base fears. Such as the fear of heights.

I didn’t think Minecraft in VR could ever be scary. That was until I joined the best minecraft parkour server. Suddenly I found myself high above an endless void trying to jump across massive gaps to reach the next block. One wrong move and I would hurtle into oblivion. Without VR this wouldn’t be a scary prospect at all. But with the helmet on it became a very real threat. If you are after a true adrenaline rush then this is the game mode for you.

Five Nights At Freddy’s

Sometimes the most terrifying things aren’t supernatural monsters or serial killers lurking in the shadows. Sometimes the things that really strike fear into our hearts are man made. And this is the premise for the horror series Five Nights At Freddy’s where you are tasked with surviving the night while a group of killer animatronics hunt you.

FNAF is as tense as it is atmospheric. Within the game you cannot leave your guard booth which lends itself to the horror feeling the game tries to create. Because no matter what you do the animatronics will eventually find you. It isn’t a case of it. But a case of when. And it is that anticipation that sends your heart racing. For a truly horrifying experience we recommend trying the VR version of the game. The experience is unlike any other.

Alien: Isolation

One of the most famous sci-fi horror movies is Alien. So it makes sense that we would get a horror game set within that universe. Alien: Isolation is one of the most tense horror games on the market. As the name suggests you are completely alone. Isolated while one of the dreaded Xenomorphs hunts you down.

While the game is incredibly scary on its own, the game becomes even more terrifying when you have an active microphone. The game registers sound you make in real life and translates it into the game. So any sudden gasps or heavy breathing is going to give your position away to the alien.