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    Funeral Rites

Next week marks my inaugural trip to E3. A pilgrimage of sorts for many, the lead up to the high holy week seems to be awash in as many traditions and strange observations as the show itself. One universally observed custom is the attempt to predict the big trends and bigger hits of the show.

Since every other person, team and organization that is going to Los Angeles has been picking through sheep intestines (courtesy of Bulletstorm, from what I hear), I have decided, in the spirit of participation, to try my hand at prognostication as well.

Thus, last night, I consulted the spirits (rum, mostly) and this is what they told me.

1. Most publishers will be making much ado over their various ill-conceived 3D offerings and stupidly expensive 3D hardware that few people asked for and even less people actually want.

2. Multiplayer will be all the rage, yet again. Look out of Totally X-treme head-to-head modes announced for everything. Even Brain Age. Especially Brain Age.

3. The motion controls that were announced last year will be re-announced this year, in the hopes that maybe now someone will take the PS3 motion lollipop/vibrator thing seriously.

4. Valve will announce they were only kidding about delaying Portal 2.

5. After three days of seeing a huge slate of big budge sequels I will be forced to conclude I should have gone to the Game Developers Conference instead.