Games That Embraced Halloween This Year

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Everyone has their favorite holiday. For some it is valentines day, when they can unleash their inner romantic. For others it’s Christmas, the most magical and festive time of the year. But one of the most popular holidays within the gaming community is Halloween!

The spookiest and most terrifying time of the year always spells delight for gamers everywhere. Because with Halloween comes Halloween in-game events. These are often some of the craziest and most entertaining events. And a crazy event means even crazier rewards. It can be tough to know which games are running Halloween events this year. So we have compiled this list of games that are fully embracing the Halloween spirit.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 has been running Halloween events for nearly as long as it has been online. The event, always called ‘Scream Fortress’ is one of the most highly anticipated times of the year for TF2 fans. And Scream Fortress 2022 promises to be just as exciting as the ones that came before.

As with every Scream Fortress the Halloween restricted cosmetics are reactivated, allowing collectors to show off all their spooky swag. Alongside that there is also a whole host of new Halloween cosmetics to be unlocked. There are also a slew of new contracts added into the game, all of them with a spooky twist, giving players plenty of gameplay to sink their fangs into.

Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2, the rebooted version, was released just before Halloween. Meaning the entire release of the game was technically one huge Halloween event. And it was definitely the event of the season. The game earnt over 800 million dollars in retail store sales during its release week. That is no small feat for any game.

Even after release the hype around Modern Warfare 2 has not slowed down at all. It is one of the most streamed games on twitch and hacks for the new mw2 are seeing a huge spike in popularity. Since the game had just been released we didn’t see a proper Halloween themed mode included but there are already some spooky character cosmetics up for grabs in the store. And we are sure that next year we will see a lot more horror themed elements included.


One of the most popular games on the planet, Fortnite is the undisputed king of both the battle royale genre and crossover characters. And Fortnite also loves doing seasonal events. They will do events for even the most minor of public holidays. So when a huge holiday like Halloween comes along they go all out.

The Halloween mode in Fortnite is called ‘Fortnitemares’ and this year they really delivered. One of the main headlines of this year’s event was a dance party hosted by DJ Lyka. It seems werewolves are the ultimate theme of the season. Alongside that there were a number of Halloween inspired quests added to the game. The map also got a spooky overhaul with a number of horror decorations dotted around the place.

Skin collectors always love Halloween as it’s the time of year that Epic releases some of their most insane and creative skins. And this year was no different. The store was filled with colorful characters and scary creatures. Epic also created a special Halloween themed custom games playlist where players can find some of the spookiest games created by members of the community.

Pokemon GO

Do you remember Pokemon GO? The mobile game that had everyone and their mums out walking when it first released. Over the years the player numbers for Pokemon GO have definitely dropped off. But it still has a large active fanbase.

And each year Nintendo treats those fans to a fantastic Halloween event. Pokemon is filled with a lot of spooky ghost pokemon already. So when Halloween rolls around players can expect to see these Pokemon out in full force. Beyond this Nintendo also added a number of new cosmetics, raids, and research tasks for players to complete. All of it in keeping with the spirit of the season as well.