Mythical raid + in World of Warcraft and its main features


To complete a raid of increased difficulty +10 or +15, it is enough to find and follow a good guide with details for each level or order a Mythic+10 carry from a team of professional players who will do all the work, and you will collect a reward and get an increase in the Mythic Key and much more experience.

Mythic+ is about endlessly completing the same raid until you conquer a more difficult version of a familiar boss in a strictly allotted time and get a more valuable reward. For completing a raid at your level, you will receive an increase and will be able to get to +10, +15, +20 mythic raids. To do this, you need to fit into the time frame of the timer at each stage. If you do not have time – do not be discouraged, get new keys and try again.

At each stage, the difficulty increases greatly, each member of the group needs to be ready for this, especially the tank and the healer.


Optimal group composition

Since each level of Mythic + raids has a significant increase in difficulty level, you need to initially correctly approach the formation of a battle group.

The criteria will be:

  • Group protection
  • Treatment and removal of negative effects, resurrection.
  • Massive AoE damage
  • Strong damage against monsters and bosses, as against single targets.

The group must be ready for mass attacks and be able to move quickly and make decisions, the passage is limited to 5 resurrections, and it is easy to lose the battle with the boss just by being slow.

The tank should not stand still and rely on a healer with strong damage, if necessary, you can run from the enemies until the comrades kill all the extra monsters and switch to the boss.

You should be attentive to the attacks of the boss and react to them – move closer, or run away, change location, and so on.

Character Tips:

  • For AoE attacks, use a mage or an archer.
  • For strong damage and control – war
  • For damage to the boss and retinue – the Warlock, whose effects increase depending on the number of targets, which is especially effective against bosses with many guards.


Launch and first steps in the Mythic+ raid

The main item for entering the Mythic+ dungeon is the Mythic+ key, which is obtained from raids and from challenger chests. Without the key, it is impossible to start the altar and start the passage of the raid of increased complexity. The key must be in the possession of any one player from the group – not necessarily the leader of the group.

Do not forget to set the increased difficulty level of Mythic + from the available ones, otherwise you will go to the normal version of the raid.

You will immediately understand that you did everything right if there is an altar in the room that needs to be activated using the same epochal + key that was mentioned earlier.

Interact with the UI and complete the set-up phase before starting the timer to meet and kill the boss for the raid to complete.

During the raid, you cannot change your talents – remember this, even special reagents will not help. Prepare your character before going inside.

Mythic+ Raid Features

To advance to the next + difficulty level, players must complete the previous raid and defeat the boss within the set time in order to receive a reward and an opportunity to increase the difficulty level.

Depending on the difficulty level, players will receive chests with equipment and weapons of level 281 or more for their character class.

For victories, players will strengthen their mythical key and move on to the next level.

Upon completion of the raid, in case of success and hitting the mandatory timer, or breaking your own record, the system will provide detailed information about the time, efficiency and rewards that the players received as part of the raid.

Mythic+ dungeons have no limit on the number of attempts and entries per group. Players only need to hand over one Mythic+ key each time to access the raid. If players complete the same Mythic+ raid over and over again, they will each time receive their own loot chest if they managed to defeat the boss and did it at the specified time.

The higher the difficulty level, the more valuable and rare the reward will be in the final chests.

+20 will bring a better reward than +10 and +15.

Each party member will receive their own chest with a reward tied to their game class to increase the efficiency of players, including when replaying. Thus, in several trips, you can collect a significant improvement for the group and move to a higher difficulty.

If the group beats their passing record, then two more players receive a random additional reward.

All equipment that is not tied to a specific class can be exchanged after completing the raid.

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