The Downfall of Outriders

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  • Before the game was released, Outriders created quite a big hype in the gaming market. But it’s no secret that it failed to uphold the hype after the release. Players had a lot of expectations that the game just couldn’t top off but it was still one of the great games released back in 2021.

    Following the decline in the number of players, a lot of players are worried about the future of the game. Many of them have even started calling the game dead. This leads to a lot of confusion and raises questions like “is it safe to buy Outriders in 2022?”, “is it going to die?” and many more.

    So, I will try to clear the clouds of confusion around this game and tell you if it’s worth playing in 2022!

    Is Outriders Really Dying?

    Outriders started out as this new big thing with from People Can Fly and it bound the players with its intense co-op RPG shooter experience that was purely online. The game has received decent reviews and has managed to amass millions of players over time, some of which still enjoy the game.

    But there’s no doubt the number has been declining constantly with many players complaining about the game’s lack of new content, which is probably the biggest reason why players are leaving the game in the first place. This has led players to wait more time to find a match, which consequently makes them want to play a game with an active player base.

    So, does this mean the game is dying? Well, I can see where this question is coming from, and in a sense, it is. But there are a few things we need to keep in mind before coming to this conclusion. According to the CEO of People Can Fly, the team is working round the clock on a new DLC named Worldslayer, which will bring the glory back to Outriders and potentially cross the highest number of active players in the past.

    This new expansion is expected to be released sometime in 2022, the fixed date has not been announced by the officials. But what’s interesting here is that the team has been working on this DLC before the game was even released in 2021. Is it going to be big? Yes! According to what we know so far, it’s going to be massive and possibly change the game for good.

    What Does it Mean for the Future of Outriders?

    People Can Fly seems to be confident with their new DLC and they are hoping that it would bring the game back into the player’s list of games to play. But until the DLC gets released, I think it would be better to put a hold on getting started with the game.

    It’s definitely in a better place than it was before with all the technical issues that caused a lot of problems at the early phase of the game. And since the whole world was still fighting the pandemic, the team faced quite some challenges trying to fix the issues. This was one of the main reasons why Outriders couldn’t get the traction that it was hoping for.

    The game has come a long way with the fixes and everything but there’s still a lot to come and if what the developers are saying is anything to go by, Outriders might just become one of 2022’s most popular titles. There are still many players who are having a blast in Outriders despite the fact that the game hasn’t really been updated with new content in a while.