10 Best TF2 Scattergun Skins, Ranked

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Many TF2 fans enjoy using the Scattergun weapon, which is considered surprisingly efficient in skillful hands. Thanks to its huge cone of fire, it may be devastatingly fatal at close distance but less successful if you’re further away. So if you prefer an aggressive game style and offensive tactics, this weapon is for you. For your pleasure, we have prepared a list of the best TF2 Scattergun skins below.

10 Best TF2 Skins for Scattergun

Long-time fans of the game often invest in tf2 skins for their weapons. This is done to personalize their gaming experience, bring more fun to the game and show off in front of their rivals. Have a look at these incredible Scattergun skins:


Autumn is coming, which means that it’s a nice time to change the design of your Scattergun. If you like these yellow and brown leaves on your gun, feel free to change your skin. The item will cost you $2–3 depending on the platform.

Woodsy Widowmaker

This is an interesting design both in terms of colors and the name. The design resembles army camouflage with its green and yellow colors. As you don’t need to hide from anyone, you can use this skin just for fun or as part of your team’s style.

Night Owl

This design looks pretty similar to the previous one with just one exception: the trigger and the center of the barrel are orange. In general, different shades of gray make this gun look very nice.

Damascus & Mahogany

This Wild-West style design reminds us of cowboy times. The fingerprints remind us of previous battles and the abundance of rivals killed by this gun.

Macabre Web

Are you looking for a sci-fi skin that looks a bit futuristic and has some bright colors? Then Macabre Web is the perfect fit for you. These black and violet stripes, a web design on the handle plus a green trigger make the skin incredible for gamers.

Bamboo Brushed

The Bamboo Brushed skin looks extremely unique with its bamboo design. All wooden aesthetics lovers will appreciate this design, as it is reminiscent of the homemade crafts of professional weapon makers.


This wavy-wood skin looks very similar to the above-mentioned Bamboo Brushed, but as its name suggests, its “purpose” is to crack something hard — for example, enemies’ skulls. This skin will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.


This is another sci-fi design, which makes you feel a bit like an alien. The neon yellow lines and the metal body of the gun look very unusual together. It looks like it will unleash some horrific energy, killing your enemies in a matter of seconds.

Kill Covered

From one point of view, this is a classic battle-tested black gun. What makes it truly horrifying is the whole of its body being covered with scratches, signifying the number of killed enemies on your account.

Alien Tech

Just like Uranium, this skin looks like it was made by aliens. This gun has a green tiger-like print and a black base. You should definitely try it if you get fed up with regular skins.

We hope you liked our list of skins for TF2. If you’re interested in upgrading your Scattergun look with these skins, make sure to find a reliable marketplace like DMarket.