The Impact of Gamification on Work Performance

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When playful elements are introduced into the workspace, the overall atmosphere changes in the blink of an eye, as do people’s attitudes and responsiveness. Gamification processes are still not talked about enough, but certainly, their use has already changed the fortunes of countless companies in every corner of the world, making them more productive, and happier, and also improving their overall performance.

There are two main reasons why a company should learn about gamification dynamics: the first has to do directly with employee morale, and with their mental and physical well-being. Indeed, gamification dynamics instantly put people in a good mood, forcing them to make a pleasurable effort to achieve a goal, keeping them attentive and extremely focused at all times. All this will obviously keep employees cheerful and bendable toward work at all times, eventually leading to positive effects on morale and their overall well-being as well.

The other reason is more materialistic and has to do with increased business performance. In fact, it has been shown that a motivated team, composed of employees who are relaxed and at ease with their colleagues and the work environment in which they find themselves, can go so far as to perform much better than in traditional companies where team building or gamification practices are still looked upon with suspicion, even mistrust as if they were useless wastes of time.

Surprising Effects

Another surprising effect, noted surely by all those who have experienced it firsthand, has to do with the speed of normal office activities following a gamification session: procedures will feel smoother, faster as if employees are having fun for all intents and purposes. This is just one example of the positive effects that can reverberate on a work team as a result of experimenting with gamification, but the real benefits brought by this practice are extremely numerous.

This practice can involve everyone in a company, from the warehouse worker to the head of communications, without excluding anyone. In terms of job performance, however, the most obvious effects of gamification will certainly be noticed in the office sales department, and not only because of the predictable increases in sales performance.

The manager of a company, for example, might decide to put up some kind of prize-not only in cash, but also in the form of tangible goods-for those salespeople who should total the most contracts concluded over a given period of time, perhaps even just one day, thus pushing them to give the best of themselves to conquer a special goal, which has nothing to do with the possible cash prizes already provided for by some company regulations, but which is an integral part of a game in which the entire office, and in particular the other colleagues in the sales branch, are involved.

These kinds of dynamics-as are the case with those companies that decide to focus on team building sessions-force employees measure themselves against something extremely different to what they were used to, making it possible to observe work from a hitherto unknown and totally unexplored perspective. Indeed, these practices help laboratories discover new aspects of their work, making them more interested and much more productive.

A Widespread Choice

It is no coincidence that certain companies have decided to introduce elements of gaming into their daily lives, in some cases, the dynamism and liveliness of videogames, and their rhythms, are just what is needed to give a jolt to a work team that for some reason is performing below the hoped-for levels, or that needs some support to increase mutual cohesion. After a gamification or team-building session, all teams invariably feel more united, and more ready to work together, with inevitable spillover effects on the final results of their work as well.

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Life, after all, is a game. If you can bring some of this magic to where you work as well, your days will go by in a flash, and you won’t even notice.

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