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A shark person standing in front of a field of video monitors.

Unwinnable Monthly – September 2022

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Dear Reader,

Have I got some stuff for you!

This month’s cover feature (cover by Mikhail Malkin) is Michael Lee on the very special shark. Our other feature this month is Taylor Hidalgo on a special kind of isolation in Animal Crossing. Both really get at a kind of participation and community but from wildly different points. We’re taking a break from staff interviews this month and you’ll see why next month!

Also, this month, we have new(ish!) people!

First of all, welcome back Oluwatayo Adewole. I told them they’d always have a spot here and look at that, they’re back! But doing something different this go-around!

Next, please welcome Emma Kostopolus. Emma’s written features for us before but now is taking a seat at the columnist table!

Please be super excellent to the both of them, follow on social, read and enjoy!

As for our regular columnists I’d like to bring to you . . . Maddi Chilton on Elvis (2022). Yussef Cole is back with a true story of Zelda. Dierdre Coyle on just a few of her favorite things in Switchcraft. Amanda Hudgins examines “hybrid shifters.” Matt Marrone on the state of American (TV) politics. Justin Reeve builds a racetrack! Rob Rich looks inwards on his chose profession. Levi Rubeck is not into the new-fangled thing you kids are into. Phoenix Simms jumps into Klonoa. Noah Springer was a very sheltered boy! And Autumn Wright brings it all home with letters in an unexpected order.

Next month begins our favorite month at the office. We’ll have a theme issue, along with all sorts of other goodies. Also, please join us for our ongoing playthrough of Alien: Destroyer of Worlds Thursdays in September at 8:30PM EST.

Stay safe, wear a mask and remember, we’re here because you want us to be. A lot more to come on how our subscribers make us what we are next month but sincerely, thank you!

See you all in a few weeks in Exploits!

David Shimomura
Chicago, Illinois
September 16, 2022

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