Reasons To Play Solitaire Games

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  • Based on a classic card game called “Klondike Solitaire,” Solitaire is a group of tabletop or board games you can play using cards or dominoes. Dating back to some 4600 years ago, these games that are usually played on the tabletop or a board are some of the oldest classic games that have proved to remain relevant up to this day.

    While more immersive and realistic alternatives such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Fall Out, continue to emerge as time goes by, the unique value that Solitaire games offer is simply irreplaceable.

    Reasons To Play Solitaire Games

    Someone who has never tasted this value would easily say they’d rather play a more hyped game such as Fortnite, GTA 5, or Fallout than Solitaire. While admittedly, these games are pretty basic and less hyped, the reasons one should consider playing them alongside fashionable games cannot be emphasized enough.

    1. Good for Your Brain

    Forbes Health mentions card games among the 6 great brain exercises to try. And Solitaire games are card games. Meaning playing these games can be a great way to exercise your brain, boosting its power and capabilities. With that, you wouldn’t be surprised to see yourself becoming more intelligent and better at solving problems.

    2. You Don’t Need a Sophisticated Device To Be Able To Play

    Unlike the most popular games, such as Fortnite, which has the highest system requirements, Solitaire games are quite the opposite. In other words, they have the lowest system requirements and can be played on just about any device that has a screen. The same cannot be said for many games that fall into other categories. Add this to the fact that many websites offer Solitaire freely, and it gives you the idea of just how non-demanding and easily accessible these card or board games are.

    3. A Healthy Gaming Habit

    Embracing healthy habits is the secret to living longer. But is gaming a habit that promotes your health and wellness? If so, why then do experts warn that this leisure activity for many can lead to weight gain and obesity?

    To demystify that, there’s gaming-gaming and healthy gaming. The two terminologies don’t mean the same thing. Gaming is just gaming without considering health. Healthy gaming is a specific type of gaming that does not put your health and wellness at stake.

    Speaking of which, playing Solitaire does not put these two critical aspects of your life at risk, unlike other games. How’s that? Well, as much as these card games are fun to play, they won’t keep you behind your screen for long hours unlike in the case of other types of games such as GTA 5. That means you can be sure that you won’t risk damaging your eyes or gaining weight which can pave the way for all manner of ailments.

    4. A Fun Activity for Everyone

    Did you know that some people will not play Play PlayStation games simply because they find the controllers to be too difficult to operate? Admittedly, I am one of those people that tend to shy away from those games, mainly due to that!

    People like us thrive in simplicity, and we tend to avoid things that make life unnecessarily complicated. You can be sure that we’ll choose simple things over complicated ones anytime.

    When it comes to modern gaming, manufacturers and developers miss the point by not paying attention to simplicity. That’s where Solitaire games steal the show because these card games are so simple to learn and play that a 90-year-old would quickly get started with one. That makes them an excellent choice for everyone. The same can’t be said about other types of games.

    5. Minimal Privacy and Safety Concerns

    While games provide entertainment, with some such as Solitaire further providing health and other benefits, they also come with a dark side—hackers and other criminals. These individuals nowadays use games to nail their unsuspecting targets. They mostly use big popular games that have millions of players and fans around the world.

    Surfshark singles out Fortnite as the game with the highest number of hackers. The social nature of this action-packed survival game enables online criminals to manipulate conversations. They may prey on you through the general chat channel and then start sending personal messages that ask for your personal information. By putting together this data, they may be able to access and steal money from your bank account and create fake identities with your details.

    Luckily, Solitaire games are never at the top of cyber criminals’ lists probably because these card games aren’t as popular as certain games. That works to the advantage of gamers as they are less targeted by these online criminals. While we can’t rule out privacy and safety risks completely, the chances of running them are much lower in Solitaire than in games such as GTA 5.

    You have at least five good reasons to play Solitaire in case you were wondering whether these card games are worth your time or not. Of course, they are, as you can see, they promote your brain and work with any device that you have. What’s more, playing Solitaire games is considered a healthy habit as well as a fun activity for everyone. Last but not least, indulging in these games is less dangerous in terms of your privacy and safety compared to other games.

    Where Can I Play Solitaire?

    Not all games of solitaire are winnable. As a matter of fact, the win rate for classic solitaire is around 70%. Instead of playing with a deck of cards, it’s better to play a digital game where the cards are automatically shuffled and dealt for you, and you can easily restart a new game if you’re stuck.

    Here are some excellent online solitaire games to play:

    • Solitaire Bliss – Play a variety of solitaire games. They organize their contests by different types so you can experiment with what types of solitaire games you like.
    • Microsoft Solitaire – The pioneers of digital solitaire now have a browser version available.
    • Flick Solitaire – Play solitaire with indie designs.

    Happy gaming!