15 Most Popular Video Game Characters Of All Time

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We can argue endlessly about what character in a video game is the best. In this question, the main role is played by the personal preferences of the gamer because each character has its own characteristics and skill set. Best online casino reviews will help identify the most popular of them. The list of the best games includes those that have collected the largest number of queries by players, including the following:

Game Queries
Pac-man 53.1 mln.
Pikachu 41.2 mln.
Sonik 38.4 mln.
Mario 23.7 mln.

The above and other best video game characters enjoy great demand and have their own distinctive characteristics of heroes.



This character from the game of the same name is familiar to many gamers. It originated in the arcades. The character is a simple yellow circle, and the developers often use it in spin-offs or new versions of the original game. It is this unremarkable yellow circle that makes the brand recognizable.


The image of the iconic video game character who can use lightning to defeat a larger opponent is widely used in other games, movies, and even cartoons. It makes this pokemon, recognizable and popular not only for gamers but also for ordinary people.


The cute blue hedgehog, or rather porcupine, is familiar to many gamers. He has been a symbol of Sega for decades. His main superpower is supersonic speed, which he can achieve in seconds. In the course of the game, he conquers the villains, and collects coins, and other items. Without exaggeration, Sonic is one of the Iconic video game characters.


The name of this sweet Italian plumber is known without exaggeration to every gamer. Although the game is quite simple, there are no dramatic plot twists and cool special effects. However, Mario remains at the top of popularity for decades. The brave little plumber engages in unequal confrontations, overcomes obstacles, collecting prizes along the way, and his main goal is to save the kidnapped princess.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze

The famous character from the popular game Assassin’s Creed. First of all, the hero is driven by a sense of revenge for his murdered family. But after reuniting with Assassin’s Brotherhood, he takes the right side and stands up to protect the world. He has strong leadership capabilities, as well as parkour and martial arts skills.

Geralt of Rivia

Geralt is from the video game characters list from The Witcher. This game appeared on our screens relatively recently but immediately gained well-deserved popularity among gamers. The main character has certain superpowers, and his main task is to kill monsters. In addition, he is characterized by deep distresses of the soul, so he looks rather gloomy.


Street Fighter is one of the first fighting games, it appeared back in the 1980s. Ryu is the most popular character of this game, thanks to his high mastery and excellent fighting skills, in addition, he has an excellent set of basic movements, so his place in the list of most Iconic video game characters of the 21st century is well deserved.

Crash Bandicoot

A cute character is surely known to fans of cartoons and adventures. Originally the cute animal lived on an island in the woods but the evil Dr. Neo Cortex kidnapped him and brought him to his lab. After experimenting on Crash, the character becomes anthropomorphic. Later he escapes from the evil scientist, who wants to take over the world. The brave kid decides to save the world and bravely confronts the evil genius, completing all missions and collecting necessary items.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

Initially, we see this cute gorilla in the iconic Mario game as a rival to the main character. After its overwhelming success, the developers created a special series of games where the cute gorilla with the red tie acts in the main role. In addition, he is one of the symbols of Nintendo.

Solid Snake

The game captures players from the beginning with the adventures of former green beret Solid Snake. He has a high IQ, so he speaks six languages, perfectly analyzes information, and has unsurpassed espionage skills. All tasks the hero performs almost alone. He does not like to take orders and acts in any situation at his own discretion.

Master Chief

Master Chief not so long ago joined the ranks of superheroes. He is a popular character in Halo. The character himself has no face and spends the entire game in the uniform of a super-soldier, which was created in the laboratory with the help of cyber technology. He has excellent physical data and outstanding abilities, which he manifests in combat. In addition, our hero is a participant in the war between the Space Command and the United Nations.


Ninjas are quite popular characters in many computer games. The ninja named Scorpion was resurrected to avenge his murdered family. Scorpion is a very complicated and conflicting personality, although originally the developers intended him as a neutral character, gamers perceive him more as an antagonist, which only strengthens his popularity.


The main character, Joel, survived an epidemic but lost his entire family. This affected his character, and he turned into a ruthless smuggler. Now he faces the task of smuggling a young girl named Ellie to safety because she may be humanity’s last chance at survival.


The main character of the game Link has a unique magical ability, he can enter the bodies of young men or boys who have a pure heart and are distinguished by courage. After such transmigration, the young men leave their comfortable homes and go in search of adventures to defeat evil and protect civilians. In the course of the game, Link helps the other characters collect magical artifacts.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft is one of the most popular female characters. Lara is an experienced archaeologist and hunter of ancient relics. The character has great characteristics:

  • physical abilities;
  • wrestling and parkour skills;
  • mastery of weapons;
  • good looks.

This is not a complete list of iconic characters whose names are on everyone’s lips. Аnd who is your favorite video game characters?


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