Top 6 Most Influential Video Games of All Time

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There is no doubt that the eGaming world has evolved over the years thanks to technological advancements and passionate game publishers like Microsoft, Capcom, and Sony. The hypnotic nature of the gaming solutions has helped bolster the industry by creating a massive fanbase spanning the seven continents. They have also brought to life characters such as Lara Croft, Agent 45, Cortana, and Darth Vader. Despite each title being entrancing and unique with an incredible plot that appeals to many, the following titles have cemented their position as the best video games of all time.

1. Super Mario Bros – 1985

Based on its reception and evolution, Super Mario Bros is undoubtedly a legendary video game ever to come out. The title was published in 1983 after its creation by Gunpei Yokoi and Shigeru Miyamoto, who are also the lead developers for the arcade platform video game Donkey Kong. Initially, the game had modest success, with only 2000 Mario Bros arcades sold in the USA. It later became one of the most successful arcade games in the nation and across the globe, with Dave Ellis, a video game author confirming its impact in the eGaming scene. To date, the Mario Bros Famicom version has sold over 1.63 million copies in Japan. Other versions have also made record-breaking sales in different parts of the globe.

The game features plumbers Luigi and Mario, whose work is to inspect the sewers of New York and eliminate strange creatures. Your objective is to defeat the enemy at each phase while gathering enough points. While playing Super Mario Bros, you will realize that it uses wraparound functionality, meaning players and enemies that go off the screen on one end will appear at the opposite end. The last enemy shifts colors and moves rapidly, making it hard to kill.

2. Tomb Raider – 1996

It is impossible to create a list of the most popular video games of all time without including Tomb Raider, an action-adventure game that premiered in 1996. The production is a masterpiece of publishers Core Design and Eidos Interactive. Tomb Raider introduced the gaming fraternity to Lara Croft, a British archeologist who infiltrates treacherous ruins and tombs searching for artifacts. Your task in the game is to solve environmental and mechanical puzzles while fighting enemies and evading traps. Soon after its release, Tomb Raider made record sales of more than 7 million units globally. This catalyzed the release of Tomb Raider II, which was equally successful with around 8 million sales.

The marvelous gameplay mechanics of Tomb Raider saw the video game inspire multiple action-adventure titles that followed. Furthermore, it influenced the development of numerous slot machines, including Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword video slot by Microgaming. This game is very popular throughout the world, especially in the best New Zealand online casinos offering no deposit bonuses. You can try it for free and if you make the right choice you might end up walking away with real money on your account.

3. Mortal Kombat – 1992

Mortal Kombat is the embodiment of the fighting genre not just because of the amazing overarching plot but also due to its striking graphics and a long roster of memorable characters. The first version came out in 1992, thanks to Midway, its initial developer. Originally, Mortal Kombat was a 2D game, but as technology advanced, the game adopted 3D graphics, which were designed using a special technology called motion picture. The franchise entails fighting scenes where players pick their favorite characters and tussle to death. One of the most iconic features of the game is the finishing moves that allow the victor to conclude the match with an incredible move annihilating the opponent.

As one of the most iconic video games today, Mortal Kombat is behind some of the best fighters in the eGaming world, for example, Johnny Cage, Cassie Cage, Sheeva, and Sindel. In terms of sales, Mortal Kombat is the most successful fighting game ever. By the late 1990s, the first franchise had generated more than $4 billion in sales. By 2000, the revenue generated by the video game series surpassed $5 billion. Mortal Kombat also holds multiple Guinness World Records, including one for the most successful and profitable fighting video game series. Some publications have referred to it as the most violent franchise in the history of video games.

4. Grand Theft Auto – 2013.

Very few video games can match Grand Theft Auto’s plot, design, and features. The video game series is one of the best PS5 casino games because of its numerous casino features has been a centerpiece in the eGaming scene since its launch in 2013. Grand Theft Auto’s initial version was created by Mike Daily and David Jones, whereas the later versions were published under the supervision of Leslie Benzies and Sam Houser. The series is classified as an action-adventure video game and an open-world sandbox, meaning players have the freedom to move freely in the game’s universe.

Your main job in the game is completing story missions, making encounters, participating in different activities, and accomplishing side quests. Grand Theft Auto V allows you to navigate Los Santos and the bordering Blaine County. The game can be played by up to three characters, all with different personalities. The first installment of Grand Theft Auto was not overly successful. However, this changed soon after the release of Grand Theft Auto III. So far, the franchise has shipped over 370 million units worldwide. Furthermore, the 2009 Gamer’s Edition of the Guinness World Record listed Grand Theft Auto as the most successful PlayStation 2 video game. For Grand Theft Auto III, the series used prominent actors for voice overs with some of the main stars being Kyle MacLachlan, Frank Vincent, and Michael Madsen.

5. Resident Evil – 1996

Resident Evil is a survival horror series that launched in 1996 and immediately became people’s favorite. Each video game version has received positive reviews, with Resident Evil, Resident Evil 4, and Resident Evil 2 being the most notable versions. Unlike other titles in the eGaming scene, resident evil has remained appealing to its fanbase by switching its gameplay across the franchise, with the only common feature being puzzle solving. This Capcom’s creation made zombie games fun thanks to its captivating stories. In 2019, Resident Evil 5 was named among some of the best-selling horror video games, and in 2021, the video game series had sold more than 120 million units worldwide.

The horror survival series by Capcom has also influenced many adaptations unlike any other top-ranking video game with its film edition becoming 2012’s highest grossing movie based on video games. If you are new to the eGaming scene, you should know that Resident Evil introduced gaming enthusiasts to characters such as Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, who sweep corridors of mutated and undead monsters to survive. The initial Resident Evil utilized basic graphics, but the visuals have since improved, with the latest titles having refined themes and realistic environments. Resident Evil is the reason why other horror survival films have achieved unimaginable mainstream prominence.

6. Street Fighter – 1987

Street Fighter, Capcom’s aggressive fighting video game, launched in 1987 and became the highest-grossing franchise. The initial version of Street Fighter was successful, so the developers added numerous main series, multiple crossovers, and a couple of spin-offs. Street Fighter brought competitive fighting mechanics to the world and provided players with a complete roster of around 80 characteristic fighters such as Chun-Li, Ryu, and Sagat. Street Fighter EX, released in 1996, became the first 3D version of the game. The game’s amazing plot and commercial success inspired the 1994 live-action film Street Fighter and Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, which came out in 2009.

Other adaptations of the video game include the Street Fighter Comic series, which Malibu Comics published in 1993. In 2016, a crossover called Street Fighter × G.I. Joe was issued by IDW publishing. By 2014, Street Fighter had sold approximately 35 million home software; by 2020, the number had risen to about 46 million units. The video game also generated over $1 billion in revenue, selling more than 500,000 arcade cabinets. Street Fighter remains to be one of the biggest video game series by Capcom and the third best-selling video game series after Monster Hunter and Resident Evil.

These are the most influential video games of all time that transformed the entire eGaming scene with their creative plots and fantastic gameplay. They also made staggering sales, with some like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter surpassing the $1 billion mark. The list comprises different genres, including first-shooter action and fighting games. Furthermore, it contains Resident Evil, one of the most notable horror survival games.