A few tactics to know about the game GTA

Many youngsters or players often ask questions like – Can we play GTA for free? In general, GTA doesn’t let you play the game for free. For this purpose, you will be required to have an active PlayStation Plus subscription and for the next step, you can play the game. No doubt, PlayStation can help you with many free games every month and other favorable. There are other discounts in the PlayStation store. Playing GTA online is a bonus for all the lovers of PS5.

  • For the free trial of the game, you will have to sign for a subscription to the PlayStation, where you will get lots of offers, promotions, including the release of GTA V on PS5.
  • However, you can redeem the free seven-day trial of PlayStation Plus, you can try your luck if it allows you to download GTA online on your PS5.
  • If you do not have PlayStation Pllus for loading the game, the page will automatically redirect you to the PlayStation main page once you try to open the game. For thorough information on the games and online free trials, you can check out the complete guide and other things on 888bingo.
  • So, this is the place where you have the game on your hands. For having the free benefits of GTA online, you need to have PlayStation 5 console and then download the standalone game.
  • If you are already a member of PlayStation Plus, you can still have the free set of the game. If not, you will be directed to the page where it will pop up for the free trial so that you can have the free game at least for seven days on your PS5.

Money making on GTA online


In this category, you will go through the term “The Doomsday Heists” which makes an easy option for making money if you have other two companions summing up to two or three players. You can make a lot of money through heists once you are efficient in this.

Time Trials

You can roam against the time trial which gives you better chances of making easy money. This option pops up every week and you can try to have a new time trial between other money-making activities. You can get a maximum payout of $50K for a few minutes of driving.


The world of GTA Online is huge, and it can be disheartening if you are not familiar with the original world of gaming through GTA online. It is one of the dynamic and evolving universes of the game that allows you to enjoy your time with at least 30 other players. Since the time it has been launched, you can enjoy the game solo or with your friends. Also, free access to the GTA online was first granted to GTA V players on PS 3 and Xbox 360 with patch 1.01.


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