The Heavy Pour
Text that reads "Medusa" in Greek.


The cover of Unwinnable Monthly #143

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Three fingers of analysis when two will do.


A young Medusa, dressed as a Greek warrior, stares fiercely ahead, surrounded by text that reads: “She vowed a life of celibacy as a priestess of Athena but Poseidon raped her in the temple as she prayed. Rather than punish her for being too alluring, as some would have you believe, Athena soothed the girl and asked what comfort she could give. The girl begged to have the moment taken back, to make it as if it never happened at all. ‘Dearest one,’ the wise one said with sorrow, ‘there are some prayers even a goddess can’t answer.’ Athena stroked the girl’s hair and met her eyes, ‘but I can make it so no man can touch you without permission again.’”


Sara Clemens thinks too much about things, generally. They run a site called Videodame and a Twitter called @thesaraclemens.

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