Letter to a Heroine
Kainé, a young woman with white hair pulled up into a looped braid, bandages around her neck and shoulder and knotted elastic cord around her torso, looks toward the viewer while facing sideways. She’s in a room with white tile on the floor and large, tall windows obscured by cream curtains.


The cover of Unwinnable Monthly Issue 142, where a figure stands in a radioactive wasteland.

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Imaginary correspondence


Dear Kainé,

When I was given the chance to save just one person’s fate,

I’m glad it was yours.

You act like you’re only out for yourself, but in reality, you always put yourself last.

You’ll keep going for your grandmother, you think, and once she’s avenged? Nier, then, and of course, Emil.

As you connected with Emil, you told him that you and your arm had a purpose – to help Nier in his quest. But, you don’t have to have an outside purpose to be worthy – you’re worthy because you’re you.

And that’s the meaning of Nier’s – the player’s – my – sacrifice. In such a difficult world, you stand for the people you care about, and they support you, too. When you can’t affect change on a large scale, you find ways to improve the world for those around you.

So, for just once, Kainé, let someone take care of you. With so much going wrong, let them grasp for one thing to go right for someone they love.

And take your new fate in your hands to forge your own destiny. Create the world you want with your newfound family.

Do it for Nier, do it for Emil, but most importantly – do it for yourself.


Melissa King is a freelance writer and a triple threat at Unwinnable – contributor, social media editor and Exploits managing editor. Follow her writing or commission her work @LongLiveMelKing.

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