Letter to a Heroine


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Imaginary correspondence


Dear Isabelle,

Animal Crossing fans are a little confused about your role in New Horizons. With many of your old duties given to Tom Nook and not much for you to announce at the start of the day, some of them lament that you aren’t the same Isabelle from New Leaf.

“Why doesn’t she have anything to say during announcements? All she talks about are her hobbies,” they complain.

“She worked so hard in New Leaf! Now, all she does is nap and sniff flowers. What happened to the hard-working Isabelle we know and love?” they question.

But, I want you to know that I appreciate your commitment to self-care. Now you understand that you need more than one hour of sleep every night. You remember to stop and notice the little things, like the smell of the flowers on your desk or the view outside of the Resident Services building.

Your worth isn’t tied to your work, and you know that now. You relish your favorite crossword puzzles and remind us all when it’s “Friday Eve” to keep us encouraged on Thursdays. And every now and then, you remind us not to overdo it.

So, I’d like to thank you. Thank you for reminding me to stop and smell the flowers from time to time. Thank you for telling me to take care of myself when I feel like I’m not working enough.

Most importantly, thank you for reminding us all that our worth isn’t the sum of how useful we are to others.



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