Letter to a Heroine

Dear Krile

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Imaginary correspondence


Dear Krile,

While you might not get as much attention as your fellow Scions of the Seventh Dawn, you’ll always be my favorite member. The plot may often set you aside in favor of other Scions, but you make the most of your screentime. Throughout our time saving the world of Eorzea, you’ve taught me these lessons:

Be kind, but take no shit. Even though you’re years younger than me, I always say that I wish I could “grow up” to be you. You have an infinite well of kindness to give, and you always hold your head up high.

Don’t underestimate someone just because they look cute. You have cat ears on your cloak and stand about a yalm tall, but you wield your smarts and your cunning as well as any other Sharlayan.

Wear what makes you happy without abandon. Have patients to save and souls to read? Might as well look cute while you’re doing it, notions of “professionalism” be damned.

Call out people who have the capacity to help but choose not to. Yes, that includes my character, who refused to heal people in cutscenes until you urged her to act. I thought of you fondly when she healed someone without prompting in Shadowbringers.

Never give up on your friends. Whether it involves sleepless nights or thinking outside the box, you’d do anything to support the people you care about. Just remember to take care of yourself, okay? (Have you tried talking to Isabelle?)

With another adventure under our belts, let’s look to the future with kindness and determination.



Melissa King is a freelance writer and a triple threat at Unwinnable – contributor, so-cial media editor and Exploits managing editor. Follow her writing or commission her work @LongLiveMelKing.

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