Letter to a Heroine

Fire Keeper

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Imaginary correspondence


Fire Keeper,

As you watch over Firelink Shrine, you carry the legacy of the Fire Keepers who came before you. With the gravity of humanity on their backs, they continued to guard the flame, watching, waiting for the new Age of Fire.

Every Fire Keeper carries her burdens. Duty is a heavy weight to bear, whether it’s to your family, your lord or your country.

Throughout time, people have taken advantage of that burden through murder and abuse of power. Despite their contributions, Fire Keepers must serve others before anything else.

What fitting behavior for a world where the gods manipulate humans for their benefit. Cycle after cycle, humans work to keep the gods’ grip on their freedom without them realizing. In exchange for scraps, humans maintain the cycle of Light and Dark.

How fitting that in a realm founded on deceit, you must face the most dishonesty of all with poise and grace.

But now, you see a new world – one full of darkness, yet also potential. Tiny flames dance in the distance, this time created by those who link the fire. With the vision of your predecessors, you hold the power of rebirth in your hands.

Will you continue to guard the flame? Will you return to as it always has been?

Or will you say, “no more,” and let the fire fade and kindle anew?

– Melissa


Melissa King is a freelance writer and a triple threat at Unwinnable – contributor, so-cial media editor and Exploits managing editor. Follow her writing or commission her work @LongLiveMelKing.

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