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Online gambling is a complicated topic in Canada, to say the least. Players love gambling at casino minimum deposit $1 and high rollers enjoy the big bonuses that online gambling sites offer. Several provinces in Canada encourage these players to participate in the self-regulated gambling websites.

At the same time, the governments disdain the use of casinos that operate internationally. This is not illegal, that’s for sure, but it cuts into the provincial cash flow. So, you can play at a real money casino Canada today, but unless you pick a great one, you’ll find limited payment methods, might encounter issues like declined transactions, etc.

Online Gaming in Canada

The Canadian gaming industry has had its downsides and upsides. First, gambling was legal. But in 1892, some legislation pieces proclaimed betting for money out of law. As year passed, the law became more relaxed.

It was in the 1900s that casual raffles and bingo started being allowed for charitable events. A couple of years later, Canada legalized horse races. The biggest breakthrough for players came in 1985 when Canada made gaming machines legal.

Soon after this, land-based casinos popped all over the country, and online casinos started turning up in search results. Right now, there are hundreds of choices for online gaming available, some of which have amazing reputations and hundreds of gaming options.

Canadian Gambling Laws and Regulations

There is no law that prevents you from gambling at a legalized online casino in Canada. But, not all banks allow for it, especially when it comes to international sites.

Canadian financial institutions allow for it, but not all of them. There are five major institutions that are also known as the Big Five Banks of Canada that are best rated when it comes to online gambling.

Bank of Nova Scotia

Also known as Scotiabank, this financial institution processes transactions to casino sites operated by for players in Manitoba and British Columbia, for Ontarians, for Quebecers, and other Crown Corporations.

Royal Bank of Canada

The RBC has signed a credit card agreement that states that the bank can prevent transactions in terms of Internet gambling. However, as long as you use accepted methods of funding, you can still fund your casino account if you have an RBC card.

Toronto-Dominion Bank

This bank was founded when a 100-year-old Bank of Toronto decided to merge with the Dominion Bank, which were the two most trusted financial institutions at the time.

You can use it to play at Canadian casinos without an issue. But, even though you can use funds to do offshore gambling, you cannot deposit and withdraw directly with your bank account. TD Bank has been more restrictive in terms of online betting before 2013, but it is more flexible now. It also allows different methods of funding your casino account.

Bank of Montreal

While most banks in Canada started making it really hard to transact business with international casino sites, the MO Bank of Montreal is certainly taking a different approach.

BMO processes offshore gambling transactions without any hassle. It treats most of these transactions as cash-like, which makes it ideal if you want to play at offshore online casinos.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

CIBS is stricter when it comes to processing gambling transactions. Like with the Bank of Nova Scotia and Toronto-Dominion, you’ll need to use the accepted methods of funding to fill your casino account.


There aren’t many financial institutions in Canada that you can use for online gambling, especially if you choose to gamble at international casino sites. The top 5 choices listed above have different terms and conditions. Before you gamble, make sure that you learn about them.


Frankie Wilde is a content writer at various gambling sites. Also, he is a passionate traveller and a great cook. Frankie shares informative articles with the world.