Letter From the Editor

Unwinnable Monthly – June 2020

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Cool thing: on June 3, Unwinnable turned ten years old. That’s pretty neat (also disorienting, baffling and difficult to comprehend). I’ll spare you a link to the first post. I’ll just say that we’ve come a long way since 2010. I am unbelievably proud of all the writers – past and present (and future, since I know some of the column changes coming in the next few months) – who have contributed over the years. I’m also eternally grateful to every reader, subscriber and otherwise, who has given us a look. All this is for you.

* * *

This month, we’re packed to the gills, despite having just one feature for you. That would be Phantom’s deep dive into the art (and context) of glitch artist DataErase (AKA Maddison Morgenstern). It’s a thoroughly engrossing read, stuffed with Maddison’s amazing glitch witchery (and we got her on the cover, which has been a goal since she was the subject of an Artist Spotlight last year).

Printmaker Mike Pennekamp is in the Artist’s Spotlight this month, delivering one of the longest and most thoughtful interviews we’ve had to date.

Our sponsored story this month was a bit of a surprise. We went in looking for Mini Goliath’s Dropship and discovered their larger game project Revoider and their novel approach to indie development.

In the columns, Noah Springer has some hip hop fueled by the current movement for racial justice. Harry Rabinowitz checks out the parkour-themed graphic novel The Nameless City. Blake Hester says goodbye to his friends in Persona 5 Royal. Amanda Hudgins fills us in on “no beta we die like men.” Declan Taggart determines we owe Vikings nothing. Deirdre Coyle plays some truly heinous Beauty and the Beast themed games. Ben Sailer fires up Democratic Socialism Simulator. Matt Marrone finds some similarities between our current historical moment and Stephen King’s Under the Dome. Yussef Cole picks at trying to understand the reason he’s a sucker for Souls games. Sara Clemens muses on dogs and death. Justin Reeve goes deep into the pyramids of Egypt (as portrayed in Assassin’s Creed: Origins). Rob Rich offers up a potpourri of short essays on Final Fantasy VII Remake and Animal Crossing. Finally, Adam Boffa examines Final Fantasy XII’s unique approach to narrative. Like I said: packed.

* * *

We’ll celebrate Unwinnable’s first decade at some point. For now, though, help sustain the the movement for racial justice, practice socially distancing, wear your masks and stay safe.

Stu Horvath
Kearny, New Jersey
June 15, 200

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