A Visitor’s Guide to Sigil

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    Monsters, Aliens, and Holes in the Ground

  • Hello, and welcome to scenic Sigil, the Crossroads of the Multiverse™. Thank you for visiting our tourist center where we are glad to assist with any questions you might have about the city. Looking for ideas about what to do during your pit stop through the planes? Look no further! Sigil offers no shortage of distractions or activities, and there is sure to be something for every taste. Use this pamphlet as a guide to get you started!

    Sigil offers up all the grandiose and rustic qualities you might expect from a city whose central feature is a literal morgue, including an active nightlife. If it’s a night out on the town you’re looking for, search no further than The Hive, a district filled with fun activities and friendly faces, and only a small chance of getting mugged. Here, you’ll find some great bars, including The Gathering Dust, and The Smoldering Corpse, where patrons are greeted by a flaming wizard doomed to spend eternity in a constant state of terrible pain. How quaint! Was the bar named The Smoldering Corpse before the wizard doomed himself to everlasting torment? Or did it change its name to accommodate the now-famous wizard flambe? No one knows, but it sure is neat!

    Are you looking for a way to memorialize your visit to Sigil? Do you posses the ability to translate a series of esoteric and ethereal symbols? Stop by Fell’s Tattoo Parlor, a shop located just around the corner from The Smoldering Corpse, and run by a friendly dabus, the only of his temperament in town. Fell’s parlor is the perfect destination for those seeking a permanent reminder of their trip into the Nexus of all Planes.

    Need a quick reminder of life’s fleeting mortality? You might be humbled by the Tombstone of the Planes, a monolithic memorial to those who have passed on. Standing in the shadow of the Tombstone is an easy way to embrace your short time in the planes, and a solid way to knock yourself down a peg or two.

    If you’re looking for something a bit more physical, head on over to the House of Vermin and Disease Control, where the honorable Phineas T. Lort XXXIX offers up bounties on cranium rats, an admittedly unfortunate subsection of Sigil’s population. Hunting rats can be an exhilarating and rewarding activity on par with ziplining or cliff diving, but with more murder. Another fun group activity, and a sound way to make some extra cash, is collecting bodies for the Mortuary

    Sigil has a long a rich history just begging to be explored. Take a stroll through the Mausoleum, where there is absolutely no chance of getting murdered by evil skeletons, to get an idea of the legacy Sigil has been built upon. There’s also Ragpicker’s Square, a squalid neighborhood that will put into perspective any hardships in your life. Say hello to Old Mabbeth for us!

    Sigil has much to offer the intrepid visitor, and we at the Sigil Visitor’s Center thank you for taking the time to stop by our humble town. May the Lady of Pain look kindly upon you!