Unwinnable Weekly Special Summer Fun Issue

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  • Hi there,

    Summer Fun SpecialOn Monday, I looked at the calendar and realized that this weekend is Independence Day. That means that, in all likelihood, American readers of Unwinnable wouldn’t want their Sleep-Booze-BBQ cycle interrupted by chin-stroking stories about videogames. I mean, I wouldn’t, anyway.

    What to do? We could have just held off a week, which would have been disappointing, or we could have run with what we had, which would mean a great issue of stories potentially getting lost in the holiday shuffle.

    Instead, we decided to get a little gonzo and prepare the Fourth of July/Special Summer Fun Issue you have in your hands. Cocktail recipes, fireworks safety tips, activity pages for the kids, rampant patriotism, murder, mayhem, child pageants, vegetarianism and more, courtesy of the looney members of Team Unwinnable, await you within.

    So, eat, drink and be merry.

    And take everything with a shaker full of salt.

    Stu Horvath,
    Kearny, New Jersey
    July 3, 2014


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