Unwinnable Island

There isn’t always a lighthouse…

In a recent Team Unwinnable survey, members were asked to rank, in order of importance, four of our ongoing construction projects: digital distribution pipelines, members only forum, an official store and our fortress on Unwinnable Island.

That last one was a joke. We don’t have a plan to build a secret island headquarters. We don’t even own an island (or do we?). Of course, the good people of Team Unwinnable voted overwhelmingly for Unwinnable Island to be our first priority.

We hate to disappoint, so Matt Duhamel volunteered to create Unwinnable Island from scratch in a short non-game called Project Isla. Explore at your peril – our island is full of booby traps for the mind.

[unity src=”50078″]

If you enjoyed Project Isla, tell Matt on Twitter @DualHammers and rate it on Ludum Dare. If the embedded player doesn’t work, you can get installable versions of the game from the Ludum Dare site.

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