Play at Heartbreaking with Cara Ellison

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  • For Unwinnable’s Sex Week, I did not, as others did, indulge in ‘method’ writing, as I am currently as about as sexually active as a nun who has sprained her crotch. However, I really wanted to make a ‘dating sim’ for the Pulse Pounding Heart Stopping Dating Sim Jam and instead of making it about weird and wonderful sexual experiences I wanted to make it about the heart stopping drudgery of being heterosexual in a world where heterosexuals are conditioned not to talk to each other, or listen to each other, or really have any idea what they are doing. So I made this Twine game. However, I famously have somewhat manic-depressive tendencies, and therefore it takes place in a red-hot club atmosphere where your eyes are being singed and music is forcing its way into your skin and you love every second of your descent into hell.

    Oh, yes, and turn your volume up, there is music at a certain point.

    Play Sacrilege

    There are various strands, with various different endings, and you can sometimes bug out of your fuckplan if you get a weird vibe from your sexual prey. You’ll know if you got to the end of the game because there is an ‘optional secret book’ you can read if you like. That was my attempt at not just being some sort of heterosexual narc pissing on everyone’s fun. Unless you like piss, that is. Anything for you, my darlings.

    Anyway, enjoy whatever this is. It’s called Sacrilege and I’d like to thank Porpentine for all her help with this. She’s the undisputed Queen of Twine. Her Twine resources page really helped me stop being afraid of CSS (the stylesheet, not the band).


    Cara Ellison cusses as much about love and sex on Twitter @caraellison.

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    5 thoughts on “Play at Heartbreaking with Cara Ellison

    1. nickmichal says:

      This is fantastic. I especially like how the format of Twine allows for such a rich use of repetition ("These are the only two choices / These are the only two choices / These are the only two choices" with the music kicking in creates an exhilarating moment of anxiety). Kind of reminds me of Brenda Hillman. Anyway, it allows you to not only key in on the sound of the words as you read them, but forces you to contemplate them as your seeming act of progress–the click of the mouse–only yields reminders of the choices you just made, and their increasingly reverberating ramifications. Did I really just say that? Why won't this thought leave my head? Why won't this music turn off? Powerful stuff. Plus, it helps that the fuschia(?) background helps burn the text into your skull.

      This also makes me really want to experiment in Twine.

    2. @westinlee says:

      I just had to swing by and say that I think the game is moving and the writing is excellent. A mirror image of the guy version of a night like that (that ends pretty much the same). I'm telling everyone to play it. Thank you!

    3. Sarah says:

      it is super-cool!!!!! wow! I didn't even know anything about Twine before this.

    4. miguelgarza says:

      Bad. Ass.

    5. Azana Barada says:

      I found the ‘Secret book’ very moving – this deserves a much wider audience (or a much wider audience needs and deserves this).

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