Hulk Loves Fabio

During the delirious early morning hours of our second Kickstarter telethon, Stu Horvath, speaking to no one in particular, announced, “The funny thing about Wizards & Warriors II: Iron Sword is that Fabio is on the cover.”

Everyone on the stream – Unwinnable editor-at-large Charles Moran, Unwinnable contributor Matt Duhamel and game designers Teddy Diefenbach and Nina Freeman – suddenly had a joke to make. One joke was particularly portentous: someone compared Fabio’s barbarian girdle to a wrestling belt. It was the birth of a Twine game.

Teddy quickly created an open design doc and a rough plot followed suit. What if Hulk Hogan and Fabio had fallen in love? What if the relationship fell apart? What if there was a Twine dating sim that chronicled this romance of the ages? What if Teddy and Nina made that game?

A month later, Teddy emailed Unwinnable HQ. Attached was a poignant, romantic Twine game called Hulk <3 Fabio:


To play Hulk <3 Fabio, click the above image or follow this link. Turn up the volume: there is sound through out and you don’t want to miss it.

Written by
Nina Freeman & Teddy Diefenbach

Music Arranged & Produced by
Big Giant Circles
Vocal by Teddy Diefenbach

Header Illustration by
Irene Koh


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