On the Road

  • You’re all doomed!


  • I love Kentucky Route Zero, but it makes me jealous in a number of ways. That I don’t live in the sprawling American countryside that it is set in. That I’m not in any position to go on an adventure. That I didn’t write it.

    I can write a fan-fiction, though.

    Kentucky Route Zero is an adventure game in the most basic of terms, with many of its gameplay sections only allowing you to merely walk around and click on objects. Some sections are just traditional text-adventures, with the only technological advancements from the genre’s invention being its choice of pristine font.

    Kentucky Route Zero is about life on the road, and the peculiarities that come along with a life left unplanned. It’s about men and women who are stranded in their small hometowns. Some dream of leaving. Some dream of something more. Some try not to dream, because they are full of regrets and remorse.

    This fan-fiction attempts to incorporate these same feelings, and brings in some characters from other mediums that are similarly stuck in their own small towns. You might have heard of them. You might have not.

    This game was created in Twine, and is played by following the instructions onscreen. If you find a problem in playing it or a grammar mistake, please email me!

    On the Road

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