Yellow Card for EA Sports – FIFA 12 Reviewed

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Back in 1997, I was in middle school and had a PlayStation. I also had FIFA: Road to World Cup 98. This was my introduction into the football genre of sports videogames. My friend Nick Sullivan and I had a fierce rivalry, as we would battle between Team USA and Brazil on a weekly basis. He stomped me most of the time, mainly because Brazil was nearly unbeatable in that game (check the stats).

It’s 2011 now and FIFA is still around, but to be honest I wish I still had my old copy from ’98. I found most of the gameplay in the new FIFA 12 to be extremely monotonous (and I like watching soccer!).

The game left me cold. I mainly fumbled around with the controls, trying desperately to select teammates and always feeling a step behind. I found the controls to be clumsy and ineffective against my opponents; each time I attempted a move, I would lose control or get taken over. I also felt that most of my teammates were confused as to what to do, and when trying to make a play I never had any help. And any time I tried to make the game more interesting, I was hit with a yellow card – buzzkill.

Visually, the game looks good. The animations are crisp and clean, but I have seen other EA games look much better.

The best aspect of the game is the announcer. His charisma and charming football quips really complete the experience, which EA should take into consideration for some other games (coughNHLcough!). Without the announcer, the game is quite boring and tedious.

What EA brings to the table in FIFA 12 is just last year’s game with a little more polish and a re-engineered passing system. For you football fans, it may be in your best interest to hold on to FIFA 11. If you’re not a hardcore fan or don’t have the previous game, FIFA 12 may suffice.

Rating: Three out of Five Pies
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