Simpsons Headed Toward Lockout, Cancellation Looming.

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Like the NFL and NBA before it, The Simpsons is facing the very real threat of a lockout.

20th Century Fox has issued an ultimatum to the voice cast of The Simpsons to the tune of a 45% salary cut, reported yesterday. While still looked upon as profitable, studio executives are refusing to accept the actors’ proposal to accept a 30% cut in pay, which would see actors receiving about $4 million per season, and agree to make up some of the difference through back-end incentives. This request was summarily declined.

And now negotiations have hit a brick wall, putting a 23rd season in jeopardy.

In a released statement, 20th Century Fox admitted its inability “to produce future seasons under this financial model.”

Inability or unwillingness? Seeing as, while far off, a Simpsons cable channel is still discussed as a possibility, 20th can’t be that strapped.

While this author is calling ‘shenanigans,’ he is begrudgingly prepared for a future without The Simpsons.


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