Patton Oswalt Reacts to DC/Nielsen Contract, Panders to Own Cliche

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  • Patton Oswalt is officially boycotting DC Comics.

    Now, on to real news.

    As reported on Bleeding Cool, DC has contracted Nielsen to poll retailers and readers to survey fan response to its New 52 titles. This is an interesting move for DC, as Nielsen has traditionally measured broadcast media. In lieu of an electronic box recording preferred programming, shoppers will have to resort to verbal communication when approached by human beings inside of area comic retailers.

    Readers will express their satisfaction or lack thereof and DC will make the necessary changes to ensure consistent readership.

    This, at the very least, shows initiative. DC is surveying the market to determine what readers want. While the approach is (for lack of a better term) novel (read: annoying), it gets the job done. Whether or not diehards are pleased, both DC and Marvel have taken steps to appeal to younger and more progressive audiences in hopes of upping readership. DC just happens to be the first to start asking about it.

    At the end of the day, it may benefit them.

    Nay, it will.

    And I bet you cash on the barrel head that Marvel would do the same thing.


    Returning to fake news, Mr. Oswalt will continue to frequent his area shop. Furthermore, he has purchased his last DC comic. Posting on Twitter, the comedian decried, “Don’t go to @MeltdownComics today unless you like getting buttonholed into douch-ey, stultifying ‘New 52’ surveys.”

    Given the state of print media, question the state of your douch-ey, stultifying comedian before boycotting an imprint trying to retain a shred of relevance.


    Mr. Oswalt may contact the author directly via email at

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    6 thoughts on “Patton Oswalt Reacts to DC/Nielsen Contract, Panders to Own Cliche

    1. Jack Slater says:

      So you guys do nothing but troll, correct?

      I mean, I get trying to tie the real story of DC contracting Nielsen with the sub-story of Patton Oswalt. Makes sense, tells a story. But then you go ahead and have the title be specially about Patton. Nevermind the fact that he's a damn funny comedian who manages to make geek culture relevant to most audiences, yet you use the term "stultifying" to describe him based on one tweet. You can't have one foot in the whorehouse and one foot at the altar.

      Also, if whore-ifying former Teen Titan Starfire is the best way to "retain a shred of relevance," then maybe that relevance is already lost.

      1. Stu Horvath says:

        If by troll you mean, 'share our opinion in an engaging way,' sure. You are welcome to disagree with them.

        As for Oswalt, I would say that throwing a tantrum on Twitter warrants some mocking. And while his book was quite good (you can read about how much we loved it in the related links), his comedy has become stale and pandering of late.

        Not sure about Starfire, or the overall quality of the DC relaunch (I've not been impressed), but I do think that the move came from a genuine concern over economic factors facing the industry. Ian Gonzales talked about that here:

        1. Troll Hunter says:

          Thanks boss. That was a pretty good one, wasn't it?

          Also, the New DCU Starfire is pretty insulting.

          1. Ian says:

            And now I stand revealed as Troll Hunter. Dammit.

        2. beeteedee says:

          I dunno, I think Finest Hour is pretty great. I can't speak to the relevance of Starfire, but I shan't argue with the Last Action Hero Jack Slater!

      2. Ian says:

        I think this was more of a "straw that broke the camel's back" reaction than anything else. Maybe he's upset that Welcome To The Working Week isn't in continuity anymore?

        I've been reading around the web and apparently the Nielsen employee at Meltdown Comics was akin to Gil, the desperate salesman, from The Simpsons – an aggressive close talker. I could see that, the Starfire debacle and some pretty damn mediocre titles souring a person to DC overall.

        However, maybe the survey will lead to more Animal Man and less Red Hood? Time will tell.

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