Ready to Rage on iOS

You feel compelled to support great writing…


Like free things? Me too. Thanks to the thousands of Facebook users that “liked” id Software’s Rage page on the aforementioned social networking site, we all get to enjoy Rage and Rage HD on iOS for a week. Though I haven’t had the opportunity to play the game the whole way through, I can assure you that it is definitely worth free dollars. I opted for the HD variety of the game, and it runs pretty much flawlessly on my iPad 1.

The only thing I’ve noticed as of yet (hence the “pretty much”) is that on the iPad 1, the gyro controls are a little sticky, though I’m sure that would not be an issue on new devices like the iPad 2 or iPhone 4. To make up for that, they have a two-thumbed control that is more than satisfying. Now get your free copy and start blasting freaks… I mean mutants!


Erik is an Aquarius who likes long walks on the beach, afternoon tea and obliterating mutants with shotguns. Follow him on Twitter @Erock88