Fox Plans to Cut 35mm Prints in Hong Kong

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  • As we have been buried deep in the digital age for so long now, it may not be far off when 35mm film prints become a thing of the past. Sadly, our beloved cigarette burn-bearing comfort reels are being cut by Fox Studios in the Hong Kong market, SlashFilm reports. With theaters the world over embracing 3D and more cost-effective digital projectors, 35mm reels are in terrible danger. Hong Kong is an enormous market, so with its stride in this direction, we might be witnessing the first steps of the projectionists’ funeral march.

    By 2012 Fox plans to no longer distribute the reels of old in Hong Kong and neighboring Macau, with hopes that other large markets will follow in its footsteps. Though the transition will likely be slow, this truly marks the end of an era in film history.


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