Abrams on Star Trek 2: Expect News

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  • While word on the status of a Star Trek sequel has remained (coyly) up in the air, J.J. Abrams has at least shed some light on as to when fans can expect to start to expect something. Yesterday, MTV managed a brief interview with the Lost creator in which he claimed to have met the film’s writers, stating, “We had [an]…endless meeting and I think we’ll have something to talk about very soon.”

    So it’s not tangible news, but when it comes to the much-anticipated sequel to 2009’s Star Trek, we’ll take what we can get. Abrams declared that he and his staff aren’t treating the film as a sequel, but instead hoping to create something that “stands on its own.” While not divorcing it from the original, he seems to hope that the second film won’t rely on its predecessor – audiences will not need to have seen it. This is easy to say when working in the Star Trek universe, but before he can honestly assess the strength of his film Abrams needs to get to work, and not try to generate excitement by simply announcing announcements.


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