The 73-Year-Old Virgin

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  • One of the many announcements to come out of Comic-Con International: San Diego is that Superman has reclaimed his virginity.

    At the Superman panel, writer J. Michael Straczynski dished some details about the follow-up to the mega-successful Superman: Earth One graphic novel.

    “When he was young, Pa Kent told Clark that he’d probably never be able to engage in sexual relations due to the possibility of losing control over his powers,” said Mr. Straczynski. It seems that after Superman tangles with the superpower-stealing Parasite, a depowered Clark has an encounter with a frisky neighbor.

    So now we have two things confirmed about the much-anticipated Earth One follow-up – we will actually see a familiar member of Superman’s rogues’ gallery and Clark Kent will reclaim his purity.

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    5 thoughts on “The 73-Year-Old Virgin

    1. John McGuire says:

      This is just stupid. I feel like the "powers that be" over at DC got really high one night and gave into Brodie's "Kryptonite Condom" argument from Mallrats. What a load of horseshit.

      1. Ian says:

        That Brodie can be pretty damn persuasive. Speaking of, it's time for a chocolate covered pretzel…

        1. Peter says:

          i do hope to one day cum laude, preferably in a 69.

    2. Mr. Peacock says:

      I just like that picture of my favorite horse enthusiast.

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