Spielberg Announces Jurassic Park 4

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  • Steven Spielberg isn’t the first person to drop a bomb at San Diego Comic-Con. The convention has become something of a Hollywood phenomenon, attracting directors, producers and stars to tease and titillate fans with coy statements, official announcements and (questionably) “killer” reveals, which made it the perfect forum for Spielberg to tell the world to expect Jurassic Park 4 while discussing his most recent film, The Adventures of Tintin, on Friday, Complex reported.

    While the announcement is indeed a surprise, it seems like it would be a good topic for an Unlistenable “Do You Care?” bit. It’s been 10 years since Jurassic Park 3 thrust the franchise into irrelevance, and while the first film has become quite the nostalgia piece and a staple for summer film series, it looks like there’s a lot of heavy lifting needed to, well, make it a good film. The only name that seems to be attached to the project is Joe Johnston (JP3, Captain America), who should restore faith in the potential quality of a fourth film by merit of Captain America alone.

    Spielberg and company are still working on a treatment for the film, so it will be a few years until it sees the light of day. With advancements not only in film technology but science as well, it will be interesting to watch the project grow into what we hope is not just a clone of the previous three installments.

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