Teenage Odyssey

Those were the days!

The Price of Freedom

Better dead than Red!


Everybody’s a criminal.

Ninja City: Drug Demon Disco

Grab your shuriken, paisans!

The Temple of Apshai Trilogy

Beware the minions of the Insect God!

Teaching Adventure Design

School’s in session!

MIG3: The Meints Index to Glorantha

The definitive guide to Glorantha guides.

How to Write Adventure Modules that Don’t Suck

Goodman Games, killin’ it as always.

Black Angel (Remastered)

Beware the black angel!

The Official AD&D Coloring Album (Remastered)

This week we check out a counter-culture infused Dungeons & Dragons coloring book from 1979!

Thieves’ World (Remastered)

Back alleys and dark deeds await in Thieves’ World!

First Quest: The Music

There is always some new relic to haul up from the pits of the earth.

The Marvelous Children of Inang-Uri

Imagine riding a horse. Now imagine the horse is the size of the whole world.

Good Books 2023, Part 2

Stu recommended books, but now it’s Hambone’s turn!

Russ Nicholson Interview (Remastered)

Straight from the archives!

Good Books 2023

Good books feed brains!

Philadelphia Area Gaming Expo

We’re hitting the road!

The Abyss of Hallucinations

Babalon awaits!

The Ancestral Trail

Can you imagine waiting a fortnight for anything in this day and age? I can’t!

Beyond the Supernatural

Rifts of horror!

Halls of Horror

Floor tiles from hell!

Don’t Play This Game

It’s just a game, right?

The Dare

Trick or treat!

Realm of Chaos

Beware the ruinous powers!

Barkeep on the Borderlands

Pull up a stool and name your poison!

Bloodsport Gambler

Surely there are easier ways to get out of debt?

The Arkham Investigator’s Wallet

The coolest wallet you’ve ever seen.


Climb into the Titan’s brain and fight his dreams!

Tony DiTerlizzi Interview (Remastered)

No time to record this week, so its a rerun for you!


Grab your cape, but only throw on the Queen song if you absolutely must!

The Monster Overhaul

Not just another monster book!

The Armory’s 30-Sided Dice Gaming Tables

Need to randomly assign the height and weight of an elf? There is, apparently, a table for that.

The Complete Warlock

No eldritch blasts here.

Dungeons & Dragons ReAction Figures

Toys, toys, toys.

Erol Otus Interview (Remastered)

Erol Otus? Erol Otus!

The Unknown

The truth is out there!

The Dragon #1

A genuine piece of RPG history.


Pig-faced orcs are the best orcs…but why exactly do they have pig faces?

Reach of the Roach God

skitter, skitter

Cycle of the Werewolf

It must be a full moon tonight.