The Marvelous Children of Inang-Uri

This week on the Vintage RPG Podcast, Momatoes is back to chat with us about her new RPG, The Marvelous Children of Inang-Uri. It’s a worldmaking game that spans generations, has a splash of hidden traitor mechanics for flavor and involves a culture living in symbiosis with a gigantic creature/entity that they also call home — that’s the world that the players make and that the characters must safeguard (unless they’re a traitor, in which case they want Inang-Uri dead). As with ARC, a game that plays with both the idea of looming doom and also the embrace of hope in the face of it. It’s gorgeously illustrated and laid out, too! And best of all, its available NOW!

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Until December 12, 100% of all sales of The Marvelous Children of Inang-Uri will go to Doctors Without Borders.

You can follow Momatoes on Twitter or keep up with her projects on her official site.

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