Black Angel (Remastered)

Hello friends! We’re running remastered repeats for the holidays. I can’t tell you why I thought Black Angel worked for the holidays beyond being similar to that vague, dreamy vibe of The Green Knight (itself a Christmas movie of a sort). Maybe it’s just because I got my first Pendragon books for Christmas circa 1991, who knows? Anyway, happy New Year!

Original notes: This week, we check out the famous lost (and found) 1980 short film by Roger Christian, Black Angel. This gorgeous little jam occupies a neat place in Star Wars history and also happens to be a mighty fine bit of early ’80s sword and sorcery cinema in its own right. And after you listen to our take on it, you can check it out for yourself on YouTube for free (with a brief intro by Christian).

* * *

This episode was supposed to be an interview with our pal Levi Combs, whose latest kickstarter, the John Carpenter-inspired Assault on Witchgate 13 for DCC, is live now. GET IT. 

* * *

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