Thieves’ World (Remastered)

Hello friends! We weren’t planning to go to reruns this soon, but events conspired to prevent the recording of a new episode for this week. We’re sorry about that, but also we’re sure you’ll enjoy revisiting this classic episode. We’ve got remastered reruns coming on December 25 and January 1 as well, because, well, holidays. We’ll be back with a new show on January 8. Until then, stay safe, stay warm, enjoy your holidays and cram in as many games as you can with your downtime!

Original notes: In the latest episode of the Vintage RPG Podcast this week, we look at Robert Lynn Asprin and Lynn Abbey’s gritty, shared-world fantasy anthology series, the Tim Sale graphic novel adaptations and the magical moment in roleplaying history when Chaosium convinced the designers behind all the major RPGs (including Traveller!?) to collaborate on their Thieves’ World box set. It was a glorious moment, and all too brief.

* * *

This episode was supposed to be an interview with our pal Levi Combs, whose latest kickstarter, the John Carpenter-inspired Assault on Witchgate 13 for DCC, is live now. GET IT. 

* * *

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