The Abyss of Hallucinations

In the tradition of Ozzy Osbourne asking the long-dead Aleister Crowley what went on in his head, this week on the Vintage RPG Podcast, we ask the very much alive Max Moon what’s going on in his. As it turns out, he’s working on a third volume of The Abyss of Hallucinations, his RPG setting that merges MÖRK BORG with themes pulled from Crowley’s Book of Lies. The first two volumes, as well as a reprint of Book of Lies were produced as gorgeous zines, but the third will be a frankly stunning hardcover that also collects the contents of those first two volumes. How do you get such a beguiling bauble? On Kickstarter, of course, launching on October 31 in partnership with Exalted Funeral. Happy day!

* * *

Stu’s book, Monsters, Aliens, and Holes in the Ground is for sale now! Buy it!

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