Our Predictions for 2K FIFA 2025

Caption: Will 2K take over the FIFA games? And, if so, what do we think is in store?

Will 2K take over FIFA games? It’s not confirmed yet. In fact, 2K explicitly stated that they hadn’t been in talks with FIFA about it. However, after prolific leaker Kurakasis hinted at 2K’s involvement in the FIFA franchise, we’ve been able to think of little else. 2K is the studio behind the famous NBA 2K series, as well as WWE 2K, and a whole host of other non-sporting titles including Borderlands, Bioshock, and Civilization to name just a few. With so many hard hitters already in their arsenal, we’d be more than a little excited to see what they’d do if given their chance with FIFA.

So, if EA has indeed handed over the baton of their successful FIFA series, what could we expect from 2K? Based on nothing more than a fanaticism for football and a pretty sound knowledge of the 2K catalog, this is what we think could be in store.

Heavy on Stats

It’s likely that 2K will go just as hard on the stats as EA Sports did. This part of the game has always been so key to its success. In both the current iteration of FIFA and in many of 2K’s recent releases, keen players have even been able to place bets on the performance of actual football teams using information from the stats in the video game.

Being able to simulate how players might work together and achieve real-world results speaks volumes about the depth that the research teams of both developers go to. If you’re considering building FIFA 2025 into your betting strategy, then it’s probably not a bad idea to hedge your bets. Oddschecker has the best deals for those looking for free bets and bonuses, which can be a useful way to cushion your bankroll when trying out new strategies like this one.

A Focus on First-Person

While all of EA’s games have encouraged you to focus mostly on creating the ultimate team, 2K’s previous sports titles have put an emphasis on the growth of the individual player. It wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that this individual focus could lead to a better-developed career mode. More in-depth storytelling and engaging narratives surrounding player development would be an interesting take and a way for 2K to put their own stamp on the game.

However, keen FIFA players have spent a fair bit of money and an incredible amount of time developing their online ultimate teams. If 2K cast this away then they could end up alienating or simply just annoying fans. We’d like to see 2K deliver something different than EA, although it’s a big risk that could backfire monetarily.

Increased Competition in a One-Horse Race

In terms of the wider gaming landscape, the potential for 2K to take over the FIFA video game is huge. EA have had a monopoly on football games for literally decades, with PES being the only game that could be considered a competitor. Having a new developer enter the market will at the very least lead people to evaluate what other hidden gems could be out there. At best, it could lead to way more innovation in the sports video gaming space.

If it happens, we’d like to see 2K take a more radical approach to their FIFA game. Pushing the boundaries of what we know football games to be could shake things up for everyone, leading to more exciting gameplay and more diverse options. We have the technology available to make games that are more challenging, visually interesting, and engaging than ever before. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the industry had to reinvent itself a little ahead of the next FIFA release?


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