Most Popular Card Games


Card games have passed the test of time. They have been popular for hundreds of years. These fun and competitive games have always proven to be the perfect way to enjoy free time, and are:

  • Inexpensive
  • Portable
  • Social

Their rules are easy to learn, while their strategies are straightforward to create. Card games like Solitaire have been an integral part of many people’s lives. Many kids grow up playing these games. They play them with their parents, guardians, or siblings almost daily. Today, several card games are popular among players globally, including:


Currently, Solitaire is the most popular card game. This game is straightforward to play as it requires players to arrange cards into foundation piles. Many types of Solitaire games are available. Numerous options are available to play online, from Golf Solitaire and Crescent Solitaire to Pyramid Solitaire and Canfield Solitaire.

To boost their chances of winning this game regularly, players need to master the process of playing it, including:

  • Arrange cards into the four unoccupied foundation piles, organized by suit in an ascending order
  • Start with an Ace and progress to a King
  • Move face-up cards from the tableau and stockpile


Hearts is undoubtedly becoming an increasingly popular card game. It’s one of the leading trick-taking and trick-avoiding card games that you can play with four contenders. This straightforward game is played in rounds that have 13 tricks.

Competitors who take tricks featuring heart cards receive a point each. On the other hand, those who take tricks with the queen of spades are given 13 points. Competitors keep on playing rounds and tallying points up to the point where someone accumulates a total of 100 points. The smallest number of scores determine the winner at this level of the game.


As one of the top three most popular trick-taking card games, Spades was designed to be played with four players. However, two players can also enjoy this game. Players have several options to pick from, including:

  • Play with four contenders
  • Go with a team option and play on the same team with your favourite friend or family member

Spades is a point-based game. That means its objective is to gather as many points as possible since the team with the highest number wins.

Forty Thieves

Forty Thieves is also becoming increasingly popular among card game lovers. It’s also popularly known as Napoleon at St. Helena. It was named after Napoleon, playing the game on Saint Helena Island when he was exiled there. Forty Thieves’ objective is to move all cards from the stockpile and tableau by suit in an ascending order into 8 foundation piles.

Eight Off

Eight Off is a popular card game played with a single deck of cards. It’s almost similar to Baker’s Game and FreeCell. The only difference is that cards are sequenced by suit, and there’re eight free cells. Its main goal is to move all cards from the free cells and the tableau into four foundation piles by suit in an ascending manner.

Are you after fun and competitive card games? Look no further than these five games. From Hearts and Spades to Solitaire, Eight Off, and Forty Thieves, each of these card games offers a unique gaming experience on any device, including computers and mobile devices.


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