The Most Popular Casino Games in Canada

Canada is one of the fastest-growing casino markets. Before 2021, most people in the country gambled online through offshore casinos. Now, provinces like Ontario are legalizing casinos and sportsbooks, making iGaming more accessible in the country.

Truth be told, most provinces are yet to commercialize online gambling. As such, offshore casinos are still very much alive in the Canadian iGaming space. For clarity, these casinos are safe and secure. But what games do they provide? Stick around to learn more.


Slots are the colorful, noisy arcade games offered by nearly every casino in North America. In Las Vegas, these games draw players’ attention with their neon lights and clinking noises.

But why do Canadian players play slots online? The games aren’t just loud and beautiful. They’re also exciting. You could play the same slot machine repeatedly without feeling exhausted.

Now, slots come in different types. Look out for Super Slots, Ocean’s Treasure, 777 Deluxe, and Cyberpunk City. These are the most popular video slots online. They have beautiful graphics, high payouts, and many interesting features.

If you want to spice up your experience, find progressive slots and Megaways slots. Progressive jackpots like Mega Moolah can turn you into an overnight millionaire. But they’re like the lottery—winning is difficult.

Megaways slots have a special engine that modifies reels to increase the number of ways you can win. They include White Rabbit, Gorilla Gold, Buffalo Rising, Queen of Riches, and Beetlejuice Megaways.


Roulette is an intriguing game. French physician Blaise Pascal invented roulette accidentally in the 17th century. It’s a game of chance. But this has never stopped people from trying to influence its outcome.

The best way to enjoy roulette in Canada is at an online casino. There’s no need to leave your house. Also, gambling sites feature a wide variety of roulette games and bonuses.

At the roulette sites listed here, you can play both European and American roulette. Some casinos also include French and Lightning roulette. That being said, focus on live roulette games.

Live casino gaming is the best way to enjoy table games. You need a clear camera and fast Internet. But that’s it. With live roulette, you can see the croupier spinning the wheel. You can also interact with your fellow players, which leads to an immersive experience.


Poker is yet another great game to play if you want to be social. Just make sure you’re playing live poker against real human opponents and not bots. Of course, this is easy to verify when playing through video links.

Choose a casino with your favorite poker games. Most websites have Texas Hold’em because it’s more popular than all other poker variations out there. Learn how to play Hold’em and you’ll never lack an opponent.

Also, Texas Hold’em is like a sport. It has tournaments that payout millions of dollars to winners. A good example is the World Series of Poker. This competition also includes other variants of poker, though—Omaha, 5-Card Draw, and Hi-Lo.

Winning competitions like the WSOP is easier said than done, though. While a few Canadians are masters of poker, you need to be truly talented to win high-stakes poker games. But that’s okay. You don’t have to be super competitive to enjoy this card game.


Blackjack is a one-on-one card game played between a gambler and a casino. Most casinos pay you 3:2 if you can beat their handpicked representative—the dealer.

To win, you need to make important decisions regarding when to hit for another card and when to stand. You can also double down if you think the odds are in your favor. Or, you could surrender to lose half your stake when the odds are not good.

Many blackjack experts are against taking side bets and surrendering. However, they encourage splitting 8’s and 10’s. Winning means producing a hand of 21. If you go overboard, it’s a loss.

Like many casino games, blackjack comes in many types. Classic blackjack is the most popular variant in Canada. Other acceptable types of the game include Perfect Pairs, Spanish 21, Blackjack Switch, and Atlantic City Blackjack.


Craps is yet another game of chance you can play with your friends online. All you need is to find a Canadian casino with live dealer games from Evolution. This company supplies 80% of live dealer games.

The rules of craps are simple. You can play two initial bets—pass or don’t pass. A pass bet is a prediction the first outcome will be 7 or 11. If 2, 3, or 12 appear, you lose automatically. Otherwise, the shooter rolls dice again.

A don’t pass bet says the first outcome will be 2, 3, or 12. If 7 or 11 appear, you lose. If the remaining numbers appear, the shooter rolls dice again. Players choose a number that should appear before seven. If this happens, the player wins.


Baccarat is an interesting game. While you can participate in the game, you don’t have to bet on the hand you’re holding. You’re free to bet on the player, banker, or tie. The banker has the best odds of winning.

For a hand to be considered a winner, it needs to form an 8 or 9. Keep in mind you can’t use 10-value cards like kings and queens. You can only use ace cards ( valued at one and not 11), or cards 2-9.

If your hand goes overboard to 11-15, the digit on the right becomes your new hand. The game continues until someone produces a natural hand of baccarat.

Video Poker

Video poker is a fun game if you love both slots and poker. Like slots, this game is based on chance. Also, it has an impressively high payout. Some video poker games have a 99% Return to Player (RTP).

On the other hand, your poker knowledge could help you win video poker. That’s because the game involves choosing poker cards on a screen. If five cards appear and you see three aces, you can keep the aces and discard the remaining cards. If another ace appears, you will have four of a kind—a very strong poker hand.


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