Three Best Age of the Gods Slot Game Titles

It is not only console games that get long-lasting franchises based on classic mythology. While God of War and Assassins Creed have forged paths in historical fiction for console lovers, the same has been happening in the iGaming forum. One of the most loved of these franchises is Age of the Gods and below, we discuss the three best installments in the series. 

Age of the Gods

Age of the Gods was the original title, and many would still say, arguably the best. As online casinos have grown in popularity, other franchises have mirrored the Age of the God’s growth. Titles like Book of Dead and Big Bass Bonanza are now hugely popular, as Henri of BonusFinder points out. As online slots move into new territories like Canada and South America, these franchises will become as familiar to new audiences as Grand Theft Auto and Fortnite are to console players. With attractive welcome bonuses attracting new players, they are the licenses of the future. 

It has not solely been the game’s sharp graphics and concept that have made the Age of the Gods stand the test of time. Many other titles have had the same concept and fell by the wayside. Part of its appeal is the four different spin features, each activated by unlocking the symbol of a different god. Thus, Hercules, Athena, Poseidon, and Zeus play an integral part in the game, instead of just being symbols on a reel that activate the same features as myriad other slot titles. 

Age of the Gods: Mighty Midas

No installment that lends on Greek mythology could be complete without a nod to Midas. The Penn Museum describes his story as the tale of a man who gets granted one wish: That whatever he touches turns to gold. However, unable to eat or drink Midas ends up dying of starvation. Bad for Midas, but great for those around him who reap his golden rewards, mainly the player. 

This title builds on the base game by offering five different spin features. This time they are activated by gemstones, as opposed to the gods. During this play, get the Midas Touch and you are entered into one of four progressive jackpots. 

Age of the Gods: Prince of Olympus

Source: Unsplash

Another hero of Greek legend is Hercules, who undertook 12 labors with his legendary strength. Tufts University outlines these as jobs like fighting beasts like the hydra and reclaiming lost artifacts. Yet the beauty of this title is that, unlike his tasks, it benefits from being a fairly simple game to play. Other installments have added complex in-game mechanics and bonuses, where this has only five pay lines. 

Your aim to is to land the god of the underworld icon. Once Cerebrus arrives, you can net up to 4000x your stake. Other symbols add multipliers but at its heart, it is a simple game that is all the better for it. 

There are many others, themed with tales of Troy and even Zeus himself. Yet these are our picks, ideal for beginners and experts alike. Pick the right casino and enjoy your gaming. 


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