What CS:GO eSports Teams are the Leaders in 2023?

Given that eSports in the betting industry is developing at a tremendous pace, more and more favorites of this discipline appear on the market, and one of the most popular platforms in the world is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where professional teams gather, and the number of bets on tournaments can exceed hundreds one thousand dollars.

Features of Teams in CS:GO

Many people bet on this discipline. Each user registered on the bookmaker’s website should be interested in the life of the teams and know their position in the ranking table. For quality analysis it is necessary to react to transfers and other factors. Profile portals can help with this. GetEsports.net provides a complete list of the top CSGO teams, sorted by rating and popularity in the eSports world. There is also data about the total winnings and win rate for all of them. Team matches and transfers can also be found on the site.

Each professional team formed for CS:GO tournaments has its own distinctive features:

  • Each team participating in a CS:GO tournament consists of 4 players with approximately the same skill level.
  • Also, all teams must choose their leader, the captain, that is, a person who may not play the best, but, at the same time, have excellent skills in organizing a strategy to lead the entire team to victory.
  • The team must have a fighting spirit, cohesion, and a friendly atmosphere, and the captain must coordinate all the actions of his team.
  • As a rule, the captain is chosen first, after which the whole team gathers around him. Which fully meets his requirements and wishes.
  • The main and strongest player in the team is the sniper, whose professionalism largely determines the victory of the participants in each round.

Most of the team members take their fixed positions in the upcoming tournament, according to the initially distributed roles already at the formation stage, and they, as a rule, improve their playing technique only based on the functions assigned to them by the captain.

Top 5 Most Successful Teams in CS:GO eSports Tournaments with the Highest Rating

Like many other dresser games, CS:GO has its leaderboard, which has both beginners, intermediate players, and the big leagues. It is to the last, most professional classification that the following teams belong, showing excellent results in virtual battles, which affects their impeccable rating:

Natus Vincere

A very strong team of professionals from Ukraine has existed in the original composition for more than a year. Under the guidance of an experienced captain, students have once been the leaders of the CS:GO ratings, taking prizes. In the esports industry, the team is world-famous, but the main roster is gradually fading into the background, as honorary veterans in this type of esports, making room under their big name (their name is translated as “Born to Win”) for younger and no less promising players. According to authoritative ratings, back in 2021, this Natus Vincere team was one of the strongest in the world.


Today, this highly professional team, which always shows the audience a spectacular and beautiful game, takes first place in the leaderboard of the highest CS:GO eSports league with a total capitalization throughout the team’s existence of more than $ 8 million. The team practically leaves no chances for its competitors, since the gap in points and earned money is so big that hardly anyone will be able to repeat the success of these professionals in the foreseeable future. In interviews with journalists that these world champions often give, the team members, who have long become dollar millionaires, note that their success is associated with the excellent organization of all team members, as well as the professional skills of their brilliant and permanent leader.

Team Liquid

One of the few major league teams whose line-up changes periodically, as the management prefers to fill the team with the strongest gamers on the planet. Players to participate in tournaments can cross thousands of kilometers, at the request of the captain. The team has long held a leading position in the rankings and wins big money.

Team Vitality

Also, a professional team based in France. The national team includes a legendary player who, according to the authoritative rating agency HLTV, was the best gamer in the world in 2019 and 2020. The team easily fights and wins against the strongest teams in the world, updating the lines of the tournament tables and taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from the budget of the organizers of competitions in this type of eSports.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Considered the best team in Sweden. A close-knit team plays very actively, developing unique strategies, and technically outperforming most other gamers in the world. The team has been listed in the Major League for more than a year, and experts have long recognized it as one of the most promising teams among the majority of professionals who have stayed at the top of eSports.

Of course, the participants in the major league rankings listed above will not remain in the first positions for a long time. The CS:GO eSports industry is developing every year, and more and more prepared professional teams with young participants enter the battlefield. This means that the requirements for players are getting tougher, the competition is growing, and the leaders periodically change both in terms of skill level, mastery of the game, and in terms of the amount of money won.

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