The Most Picked Heroes in Professional Dota 2

While players in pubs and lower ranks continue to pick the heroes they like, professional players prefer to choose heroes based on their usefulness in the current meta and match. Queen of Pain, Ember Spirit and Dragon Knight have become some of the most significant heroes in professional Dota 2. And the point is not at all in the strength of these characters, but in their effectiveness in various positions and lanes.

Queen of Pain

Гайд на Queen of Pain Dota 2 - способности, инвентарь, тактика - CQ

Qopa is one of the most aggressive liners in the game. Ever since the days of classic Dota AllStars, Queen of Pain has been played predominantly through the mid-lane. She is able to hold her own against almost any midlaner, and her mid-game impact is monstrous. It seems to us that it was due to her strength at the laning stage that players began to experiment with lanes on Queen of Pain. Heroes such as Centaur Warrunner, Mars, Underlord and other fat heroes are very good against most classic carries, but they have a very hard time against Queen of Pain.

By putting this hero in the heaviest lane, teams are almost guaranteed to have an advantage in the mid-game, and in the current meta, this is very important. From what we’ve seen in pro-team matches, this hero is mostly used to counter the enemy mid-laner or initiator. By using Queen of Pain in this way, she can become the strongest hero on the map for quite a long time, allowing her to secure time and space to farm her carry or end the game quickly. In some situations, when having Queen of Pain in the first or second position is not the best option, it can be sent to the fourth position. For pubs, this is not the best idea, but in professional matches, this option works well.

Ember Spirit

Кто контрит Эмбер Спирита? Контр-пики Ember Spirit в Dota 2

High mobility will always be valued in Dota 2. Since its introduction in Dota 2, Ember Spirit has gone through various changes many times. And if you look at his condition now, we can safely say that Valve managed to achieve the perfect balance of this character. He’s not very strong, but he has a lot of uses, both in terms of role selection and lane selection, as well as in terms of build selection.

Ember’s most popular builds right now are physical and magical damage builds, but are these builds equally strong? Rather no than yes, but in terms of strength they are almost the same. In certain games, it might make sense to go early to Desolator and then buy Crystallis. In other matches, a quick Spirit Vessel along with Aghanim’s Scepter or Radiance is a better option.

Ember Spirit is so versatile that he can even be placed as an offlaner, but this happens extremely rarely. And you definitely won’t see this in pubs, so we don’t recommend trying to play Ember in the third position, otherwise you risk losing the game.

Dragon Knight

Исправлен статус предметов у альтернативной личности Dragon Knight, баг с блокированием пути героев и другие обновления в Dota 2 — Toasted

A couple of years ago, Dragon Knight was one of the most unpopular heroes in the game, and it wasn’t about his strength at all. This hero is simply too boring for most pub and low-ranked players as these players play Dota 2 primarily for fun. Nowadays, with Dragon Knight rapidly gaining popularity among professional players, even pub players have begun to experiment with it. Like Queen of Pain, he can defend in any lane. Even if you don’t manage to win your lane, you definitely won’t lose it.

This is a very important factor in professional Dota, and in pubs, this aspect is also important, especially if Broodmother is against you, and you need to at least hold out until help from other lanes arrives. Dragon Knight can kill already at the beginning of the game. To do this, he only needs one Blink Dagger or some support to help him. If you’re a position 1 player, it’s best to start with a Shadow Blade rather than a Blink Dagger to increase your damage output.

Final Thoughts

The pro meta is very different from the pub meta, but casual players should definitely use some pro player chips. To become a good Dota 2 player, you need to be very flexible in terms of role and lane choices. And in order to be able to play on different lanes, you need to learn how to play on the corresponding heroes.

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